Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Contrary to some opinions about the papacy, we owe obedience to the pope and bishops in union with him only in the areas of faith and morals, but in continuity with what has been taught over the centuries. Development of Doctrine explains our beliefs and morals in a way that makes sense within the culture it is taught. Development of Doctrine is not a denial of earlier expressions and usually makes the morals of the Church more difficult rather than easier. Think of Humanae Vitae and Veritatis Splendor!

For example, Jesus teaches us about the development of doctrine when He speaks about the 10 Commandments. He calls us to follow the Commandments to the maximum, not the minimum. "You have heard it said, you shall not commit adultery, but what I say to you if you even think about committing adultery you have broken this commandment." (a loose quote!)   

We do not have to agree with any pope's opinions, unless in the opinion is contained divinely revealed truth. The pope can pontificate on the weather, but we can disagree with him and point out the faults of his logic. However, the good stewardship of creation, as with our own physical and spiritual bodies, is a part of Catholic morality. 

And then there are these gaffs from Pope Francis about Russia, Mongolia, the United States and those with concerns about the synod  in the past month or so. Traditional or orthodox Catholics recoil in concern, because it is this type of thing the pope has done over and over again which diminishes not only his papacy, but the institution of the papacy itself.

Let me offer a bold opinion! Those who complain the most about this pope more than likely love this pope and the papacy more than those who demand absolute obedience and respect in regards to the foibles of any pope. We are shocked and embarrassed by what has happened in the 10 years and have a disdain for shifting the blame for the grotesque polarization we are experiencing with the clergy, to include bishops and some who are cardinals, as well as rank and file laity. The blame has to be laid at the feet of this pope and his circle of close advisors.

Here is something Dr. Robert Royal wrote in today's "The Catholic Thing":

In the past week or so, the pope has: praised “that great imperial Russia” for its noble culture and humanity (a remark later admitted to be “badly phrased”); lauded Genghis Khan’s blood-soaked empire for its religious tolerance and “pax mongolica” (40 million killed, give or take); encouraged Chinese Christians to be good citizens of a nation whose “culture” he greatly admires and whose government is, he says, “very respectful” towards the Church (other views abound); shied away from saying anything more about Nicaragua where the Ortegas are basically outlawing Catholicism and a bishop has been sentenced to 26 years in jail; and denounced worried Catholics, especially American Catholics, for their criticisms of – well – many things, but especially “politicizing” the upcoming Synod on Synodality, and embracing rigid and empty “ideologies” instead of following the living doctrine of the Faith.

Even for someone like the present writer, who has seen “unbelievable” things happen over decades of following faith and politics in Rome and Washington, this has been a breathtaking stretch. And one has to ask, seriously: Is there something wrong in Rome?

The remarks about Russia and Mongolia, for instance, read as if some ghostwriter in the Vatican was given the task of finding something positive to say about those countries. And after a quick glance at Wikipedia, plucked those gems out of a mass of other, far less flattering, material.

That was already bad enough. But it’s scandalous, in the proper sense of the term, that those ridiculous remarks, isolated from any other considerations, past and present (e.g., the invasion of Ukraine or the kind of “imperialism” Pope Francis would recoil from, in horror, if perpetrated by the United States), could have passed in front of various pairs of eyes – or at least been discussed privately with the Holy Father – and then aired in public by the head of the One, Holy, Roman, and Apostolic Church.

Pope Francis may not believe it – given his circle of advisers, who know as little about America as he does – but loyal Catholics, even in America, feel great reluctance having to point out the nakedness of the Holy Father in such matters. In fact, we lament having to say anything about it at all, given that it often could be, with a little more care, avoided. Still, it would be a betrayal of real loyalty and even of a certain affection for the office – to say nothing of the Truth – if we simply indulged such things without a bit of truth-telling.

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In terms of the pope making a fool of himself in a public manner, a good doctor friend of mine texted me his opinion of the pope's statement on Genghis Khan. He quotes what Pope Francis said:

"May heaven grant that today, on this earth devastated by countless conflicts, there be a renewal, respectful of international laws, of the conditions of what was once the "Pax Mongolica", namely, the absence of conflicts." 

My doctor friend then states: 

"Absence of conflicts" only because the Kahn killed everyone and everything in his path! So by the pope's logic, if Hitler had only been more ruthless, we could have had the "Pax Germanica".

My final comments:

In 2013 I was in Rome for a four month sabbatical. Pope Francis had been pope for only a few months. At dinner, I was at a table where there were some high powered theologians who taught at various Roman institutions. They voiced concern that Pope Francis was listening to all the wrong people and they were giving him terrible advice. 

I have heard that recently as well and again from a theologian in the know. 

Do these sad papal advisors have it in for this pope and are they the ones who hate him and the Catholic Church the most and thrive off of embarrassing him, the papacy and the Catholic Church? Are Orthodox Catholics the only ones who truly feel bad for this pope and for what his advisors are doing to him, the papacy and the Church?


Bob said...

The critical love logo you use is a CRT logo needing a rainbow flag to complete the trifecta.

As for love, I love the Church who is my mother in Christ and mourn for the nearly barren poverty and destitution in which so many of her ungrateful and undeserving children have left her.

As for loving popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, and religious, those deserving of love get it, those not deserving don't, as for love of fealty. My fidelity is to the Church, and only to such members as show themselves deserving.

Love and fidelity are two way streets. This papacy is contemptible, as contempt is all it has shown for ancient teachings, ancient rites, and the many who practice either or both.

TJM said...


Spot on. He is a shill for the political left. Otherwise, why has he not called out Biden or Pelosi? At one time, excommunicating a head of state was reserved to the Roman Pontiff. It still may be the case. So what is stopping him from excommunicating the most morally depraved President in US History: Supports abortion on demand, gay marriage (he even officiated at one), transgenderism, and denying social justice to the working poor? He also has pedophilia traits.

Sophia said...

Sophia Here: Right on point Father!  Pope (now Saint) Paul Vl himself recognized  after Vatican ll  "... that through some mysterious crack- no it's  not mysterious; through some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the Church of God." These many years later, all of this is inevitable! No one can feign surprise that there is now a roaring conflagration within the Church- fanned by the flames of the ideology of Modernism /Relativism!  Here's yet another example. Just take a look at what passes for an "explanation" of why the following occurred:

Bob said...

Sophia, I read that story, and the blather which was spewed by the archbishop...where same as most all recent papal documents, quote only the recent pope as for authority, while ignoring anyone or anything prior.

To them, the past has nothing to teach as the past was ignorant and wrong, and only they are the modern illuminati enlightened, ...and everyone else in the same modern time who does not agree, well, they are obviously troglodyte throwbacks who should be ignored with contempt because they are STUPID.

TJM said...


On the secular front, here is what is happening in so-called "enlightened" Democratic controlled States. Apparently not all of these states' citizens are braindead like much of our clergy:

Bob said...

TJM, thanks for the links, but really am not into bashing entire political parties anymore than I am into a blanket condemnation of the Catholic Church, despite both going off the rails in the last 50yrs, along with Republicans, for that matter.

The Democrats currently would take everything I had and use it to buy votes, while Republicans would have me working in a pal's salt mine for 25cents per hour. Most all politicians end up compromised greedy crooks only looking to get wealthy out of the deal.

Meanwhile, both parties have some things where I agree, and others where I vehemently do not, and currently I hold my nose and vote for one party only as the lesser of two evils. And I most certainly do not see any one party as the savior of my country or the world. They both generally cannot wait to sell out those who put them in power, and I trust either one exactly 0.00%.

And am horrified that the Republicans look on track to again nominate a vain blowhard puffball of exceptionally poor judgement as their candidate, the same way any Democrat rightly should have been horrified by the Hillary nomination, as it sheer stupidity to nominate the one person most likely to be hated by near everyone in the opposing party and most likely to push that party's base to hit the polls.

Bob said...

Father McDonald....
You might want to pay close attention to this storm, expected to be 150mph inside 72hrs and models show quite a few of them heading steadily towards the US coast at this time....keep an eye on that spaghetti models page, official track almost always follows the majority.

TJM said...


LOL! Republicans want a person to be successful and not dependent on the dole and they do not support intrinsic evils and perversion like the Democrats. There is no practical or moral equivalence but thanks for exposing yourself

TJM said...


Here is some news from California. Obviously, they have fixed all of the State's problems, so they have time to cater to the mentally ill, and no, this is not a Republican initiative:

The California State Assembly voted Wednesday to declare August “Transgender History Month,” the first of its kind in the nation.

rcg said...

How many months do they have in California?