Monday, September 25, 2023


 This is not good…

From Catholic World Report:

The Rupnik business will stain and possibly define Pope Francis’s legacy

Over the past several days, hard-boiled newsman Ed Condon reluctantly conceded that “there is a motivating force for the protection of Rupnik,” and Robert Mickens—a veteran Vatican hand generally well disposed to Francis—openly asked whether Pope Francis isn’t the one protecting him.


And this from La Croix and very progressive Robert Mickens:

Is Pope Francis protecting Marko Rupnik?
By Robert Mickens 

As these lines are being written, Pope Francis is in the middle of an overnight visit to the southern French port city of Marseille. And he's made some very bold and extremely important statements that Europe and its elected leaders needs to hear regarding the Old Continent's policy (or, rather, lack of policy and foresight) regarding the arrival of migrants and refugees from various parts of Africa, the Middle East, and other so-called "third world" areas of the Global South.

Europe, with its aging population and dangerously low birth rate, needsimmigrants. The question, as the pope rightly points out, is how to integrate them in a way that preserves and enriches European civilization. There is much to discuss on this issue and Francis is to be credited for pushing the continent's political and societal leaders to do so more seriously and with greater perspicacity.

But there is an ugly shadow quietly looming over the papal visit, which has nothing to do with the Jesuit pope's prophetic leadership on the migration issue or whatever else he's addressed in Marseille. Indeed, it is a matter that could badly tarnish his entire pontificate and legacy. We're talking about the way Francis has handled the case of Marko Rupnik, the (former Jesuit) priest-mosaic artist who has been credibly accused of sexually and spiritually abusing numerous women religious.

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The Society of Jesus expelled the 68-year-old Slovenian from the religious order earlier this year after he refused to follow the restrictions (penalties for the abuse) that his superiors placed on him, his artistic work, and his ministry.

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TJM said...

Well it does not help the Pope’s credibility that it appears he never disciplined the Vatican clerics who were involved in a cocaine fueled gay sex orgy at the Vatican. I don’t think sexual sins are high on his list

rcg said...

This is a worldwide problem that seems to have many root causes. Humane treatment of immigrants is important for the West so as to retain moral values that distinguish it among the other civilizations of the world. The Pope is naive, as are almost all other leaders in the West, in thinking that the immigration is caused by a desire to join Western Civilization instead of simply fleeing murderous regimes. Understanding that aspect of the issue leads to another root cause which is the West’s recent loss of faith in itself. Rather than engage with nations as they grow and help them through the same social and political turmoil and tragedy we have experienced, we are withholding assistance out of a combination of self-doubt and greed for the minerals and cheap labor the growing nation can provide. Those immigrants will not respect or hold dear any of the accomplishments, tools, or structures developed by the West over the last few millennia, but will cannibalize them or cast them aside until our nations function the same as those they left behind. This is not out of hostility, but out of purpose. They did not come here out of any attraction for our society beyond the same basic needs for our money as we have for their land and minerals, to be ravaged until its husk is cast aside. The intervening benefit of cheap labor and reliable and mobile voting blocks is a political drug for our shortsighted leaders, including our religious leaders who hope to fill the empty pews with the same bodies that labor in the fields, along highways, and on our roofs. It appears to me that where we should be able to begin this integration with a readymade function, the Holy Mass, we are creating separate services and even separate parishes to respect the gulf between the groups. It is ironic to have the Pope offering a eulogy over the still living corpus of Europe, but the Europeans are ultimately practical and put the immigrants to work right away making metric shovels. Will they respect the Pope enough to let him finish the dismissal before covering his face with soil?

ByzRus said...

Regarding the priest in question, Holy PF offered the following on 24 January 2023 AD

CNA: Francis explained that he thought it best to have the second case “continue with the normal court, because, if not, procedural paths are divided and everything gets muddled up.” He added: “So I had nothing to do with this.”

I stand with Holy PF in regards to the priest in question. Holy PF stated unequivocally that he had "nothing to do with this".

As with all things pertaining to the Holy and Immaculate Catholic Church, it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Reject Satan and stand with Holy PF and the Most Holy Church!

#holyholyholy, #PFiskool, #holyspiritguidedmydonutselectiontoday

ByzRus said...

The point of my parody where I channeled my inner MT?

The institution of the Church is perfect. This is a legal principle. Her adherents and stewards, with no help from the Holy Spirit have corrupted and will likely continue to corrupt that perfection.

BTW, how'd I do parody-wise?

TJM said...


Not bad, but you need some non sequiturs and more holy, holies! This Pope is a cruel joke.

ByzRus said...


Thank you!

Yes. It's the "mess" that was hoped for.

Anonymous said...

ByzRus, you're missing out-of-context, irrelevant block quotes.


TJM said...

Father McDonald etal,

I ordinarily would not a secular pundit's work here, but this is a must read. Only braindead leftists will remain in denial:

Fr Martin Fox said...

Everything is the most wonderful wonderfulness it can be.

Only haters don't see that.

(Insert irrelevant quotation here.)


ByzRus said...

Fr. Fox,

I'm dyin here!!! Puppies from the other post!!!

I think we all have a level of fatigue that we just need to let out.

I can only do so much hunky-dory-golly-gee-whiz-keen-cool fluffy wonderfulness that's, evidently, guided by the hand of the Holy Ghost. Plain as day except to us philistines.

TJM said...

Father Fox,


Catechist Kev said...

Now we have this little tidbit regarding Rupnik and the Synod:

rcg said...

@Kev, There are many chapels and churches adorned with the art of famous sinners. Perhaps they have an instinctive attraction to the sacred as a cure for their state although many resist it once they draw close. St Augustine has a meaningful prayer I recite after Confession that indicates how much he struggled with returning to favourite sins. To your point, however, the Synod is likely using it as an example of acceptance and surrender to inclusivity rather than as hope.

TJM said...

Michaelangelo was hardly a saint.

Catechist Kev said...

@rcg, Right, cannot deny what you say about "famous sinners", but the *scandal* of the Rupnik situation is still fairly new.

Also, for me anyway, I do not consider Rupnik's work as "art".

[It looks like something a third grader could do... one without much "training", if-you-will. But that's just me.]

ByzRus said...

Catechist Kev,

Will likely take some flack for this...fine.

I agree with you. This primitive art, to me, serves to advance a "look", not capture tradition. While styles change and with the RCC not being wed to any particular style, to me, the RCC can do better than this continued proliferation of contemporary primitivism.

I'm more annoyed than inspired looking at his work. Perhaps I'm the philistine.

Catechist Kev said...

@Byz 👍 Agree. (Not that you're a philistine, I mean. 😁)

Catechist Kev said...

It seems the synod organizers may be walking back the use of Rupnik's artwork:

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Given the on-going scandal of Fr. Rupnick which touches Pope Francis directly and in an ongoing way,, his art should be removed from any synod publications and banners. This pope supports his friends no matter what they do until it is abundantly clear that he can’t support someone anymore and then Pope Francis claims a new awareness that enables him to take action but way to late. The Barros affair makes that very clear, as well as the Zanchetta affair. It’s beyond comprehension, except that this pope is typical of so many Italians, many in my family who are like this too, stubborn as hell! Then add in the South American component and this stubbornness goes nuclear!