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The Vatican News translation into English of Pope Francis’ high altitude interview differs greatly, in terms of opinion, from Crux’s report on the interview. I will write about that below the two different translations into English. Please note what I highlight in blue as that will be the basis of my comments. The question is on France soon to liberalize its euthanasia laws.

This is Vatican News’ translation of the pope said:

(I) did not speak on this issue (euthanasia) today, but we (Macron) talked about it on the other visit when we met. I spoke clearly, when he came to the Vatican, and I spoke my opinion clearly: life is not to be played with, neither at the beginning nor at the end. We cannot play around. This is my opinion: to protect life, you know? Because then we wind up with a policy of “no pain”, of a humanistic euthanasia…

…Today we should be careful with ideological colonizations that ruin human life and go against human life. Today, for example, the lives of grandparents are erased, and when human wealth comes into play in the dialogue with grandchildren, they are erased. ‘They are old so are of no use.’ We cannot play with life.

This time I did not talk to the president [about this topic], but last time I did. When he came, I gave him my opinion that life is not something to be played with.Whether it's the law of not letting the baby grow in the mother's womb or the law of euthanasia in disease or old age, I'm not saying it's an issue of faith. It's a human issue, a human issue. There exists an ‘ugly compassion’. Science has come to turn some painful diseases into less painful events, accompanying them with many medicines. But life must not be played with.

This is Crux’s translation of what the pope said:

Asked about a controversial law France is preparing to consider on euthanasia, the pontiff, who condemned the practices of abortion and euthanasia in his final Mass on Saturday, said he did not address the issue in his private conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier that day.

He said he and Macron discussed the issue of euthanasia during one of Macron’s three previous visits to the Vatican, and on that occasion, “I told him my view, clearly, [that] you don’t play with life, not at the beginning, and not at the end. You don’t play with it.”

“It’s not just my opinion, it’s safeguarding life, because then, you end up with the politics of non-pain, a humanistic euthanasia,” he said. He once again referenced a 1903 futuristic romance novel titled The Lord of the World by a British convert to Catholicism which, Francis said, depicts “how things will be in the end. It takes away the differences of everyone, and also, they take pain, etc., and euthanasia is one of these things.”

“Sweet death, selection before birth. This shows how this man saw current conflicts,” the pope said, saying, “today let’s be attentive to ideological colonization that ruins human life and goes against human life.”

My commentary: Just which is it, Crux’s “It’s not just my opinion” or Vatican New’s “This is my opinion” and other variations of that??? Throughout his papacy, the pope has been clear about “his opinion” about abortion and euthanasia. In my opinion, I agree with his opinion. 

Therein lies the problem. Vatican News more than once states the good and orthodox moral teachings on these two life issues, abortion and euthanasia as the pope saying these teachings are his opinion! 

Crux, though, indicates he said, “It’s not just my opinion.”

The loose talk of Pope Francis is, in my most humble opinion, the problem of this 10 year papacy. 

If what the pope is teaching President Macron is just the pope’s opinion, as Vatican News translates his answer to a reporter, then is President Macron’s opinion just as good and equal to the pope’s opinion?

The pope would do better to speak of these moral teachings in a more theologically rigid way so as to make clear these teachings are no mere mortal pope’s opinion, but Divine Truth and divinely revealed..

Otherwise Catholics in France and throughout the world will think all opinions are equal and you can pick and choose among men’s mere mortal opinions. 

And therein lies what, in my most humble opinion, is the fatal flaw of Pope Francis’ synodal way: All opinions are equal and we must listen to all opinions and respect them all. 

Certainly if this is true, this ideology is a joke as is Pope Francis’ vision of the synodal way. 

This is a “Google Translation” of his Italian answer to this same question. The article where I found the Italian, also included a photo of the pope sitting alone for several minutes awaiting President Macon to speak with him—The caption says the pope was visibly annoyed to have been kept waiting!

Here’s the Google version:

Pope Francis: Today we didn't talk about this topic, but we talked about it during the other visit, when we met, I talked about it clearly, when he came to the Vatican; I told him my opinion, clearly: you can't play with life, neither at the beginning nor at the end. No playing. It's my opinion: cherish life, you know? Because then you will end up with that policy of non-pain, of humanistic euthanasia. On this I want to quote a book again, read it, it is from 1907 but it is a novel, it is called The Lord of the World, The Lord of the World or The Lord of the Earth, written by Robert Benson the author, he is a writer who it talks about the future, it shows how things will be in the end. And the differences are removed, all of them, and the pain is also removed... and euthanasia is one of these things, gentle death, selection before birth... This shows us how this man had seen current conflicts. Today we are careful with ideological colonizations that ruin human life and go against human life. Today the lives of grandparents are being erased, for example; when human wealth goes into the dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren... it is erased: they are old, they are of no use. You don't play with life. This time I didn't speak to the president, but the other time I did, when he came and I told him my opinion: you can't play with life, let it be the law not to let the child grow in the mother's womb, the law of euthanasia in illness or old age, I'm not saying this is a thing of faith, it's a human, human thing; there is bad compassion. Science has managed to make some painful illnesses less painful and accompanies them with many medicines. You don't play with life.

Another answer the pope gave about the war on Ukraine by Russia was truly befuddling to understand just exactly what the pope was saying as it was so convoluted and incoherent. This caused Vatican News to issue a clarification and this is it:

The Vatican later issued a clarification, saying the pope’s point was that arms merchants never pay the price of their choices, which fall upon “martyred” peoples such as the Ukrainians.


rcg said...

Maybe that’s what Cardinal Francesco meant by Pope Francis’ doctrine.

TJM said...

The Pope always looks happy when he is with a fellow lefty

Mark Thomas said...

Here is a portion of Pope Francis' beautiful, inspirational, homily that he delivered in Marseille — Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary de la Garde:

"Brothers and sisters...Today, too, our life and the life of the Church, France and Europe need this: the grace of a leap forward, a new leap in faith, charity and hope."

"We need to rekindle our passion and enthusiasm, to reawaken our desire to commit ourselves to fraternity. We need to once again risk loving our families and dare to love the weakest, and to rediscover in the Gospel the transforming grace that makes life beautiful."

"Let us look to Mary, who inconveniences herself by setting out on a journey and who teaches us that this is God’s way: He inconveniences us, sets us in motion and makes us “leap”, similar to the experience of Elizabeth."

"We want to be Christians who encounter God in prayer, and our brothers and sisters in love; Christians who leap, pulsate, and receive the fire of the Holy Spirit and then allow ourselves to be set afire by the questions of our day, by the challenges of the Mediterranean, by the cry of the poor – and by the “holy utopias” of fraternity and peace that wait to be realized."

"Brothers and sisters, together with you, I pray to our Lady, Notre Dame de la Garde, that she will watch over your lives, that she will guard France and will guard all of Europe, and that she will cause us to leap in the Spirit."

"I would like to offer this prayer using the words of Paul Claudel: “I see the church, open…. I have nothing to offer and nothing to ask. I come, Mother, only to look at you. To look at you, to weep for happiness, knowing that I am your son, and that you are there…."

"To be with you, Mary, in this place where you are….Because you are there, always… Simply because you are Mary… Simply because you exist… Mother of Jesus Christ, thanks be to you."


God has blessed abundantly via His having raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve as His holy Pope.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

MT, whoever wrote this homily for the pope did a good job and never placed in the Holy Fathers mouth, “in my opinion”! Someone needs a to give this pope a script for his interviews to help prevent the pope spewing off his opinions.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..."MT, whoever wrote this homily for the pope did a good job..."


Father, in my original post here, I had thought about saying that the homily is so good that you may be the author.

May our brothers and sisters in France heed our Holy Father's homily in question.


Mark Thomas

-- Vatican calls claims that cardinal (Ladaria) withdrew from synod over abuse case ‘pure fantasy’

Anonymous said...

Tying back to the recent post on Vatican II, perhaps the biggest problem with the direction the Church has taken over the last 60 years is that the most authoritatively it speaks now is in the form of a pope's opinion--except for those nasty traditionalists who, we must accept as a doctrine of the Holy Father, reject Vatican II. It all comes full circle in the end.


ByzRus said...

I just marvel at the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

TJM said...

The secular world is just as messed up. For example, take a look at what has happened to San Francisco because of the Democratic Party and its pro criminal policies. How does this help the poor, the working classes? Where is the social justice? Yet non-sentient bishops and priests will continue to support them notwithstanding the facts on the ground:

Recent big store and hotel closures due to crime, employee safety, and shoplifting:

- Whole Foods closes
- Office Depot closes
- Anthropologie closes
- Nordstrom closes 2 stores
- T-Mobile closes flagship store
- Coco Republic closes
- Old Navy shuts down flagship location after almost 30 years
- Two Major Hotels Bailing on City Due to Crime
- Cinemark Shutting Down San Francisco Theater Citing ‘Local Business Conditions'
- AT&T Closing Flagship Store
- Target closes

But the braindead cannot connect the dots.

TJM said...

I noticed Michelle Obama received $700k for an hour speech in Germany for a tech conference. Since she flunked the Illinous Bar I assume she was not being paid for her brilliant insights. Since her husband used to talk about “you’ve made enough money” I suppose the money is going to charity or to repay Chicago merchants for the local Democrats stole during the “Summer of Love.”

TJM said...


Notice how our resident lefties do not dare touch my last two posts? They simply underline their cluelessness and corruption

TJM said...

The Democrats are changing their Party's name to "Hypocrites R Us." It is only fitting in light of the following:

"New York Democrats are planning to distribute flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

"On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adam’s office announced this plan to “combat misinformation at the border.”

The flyers will be in both Spanish and English and will warn the illegals that New York City is the most expensive city in the world so they will be better off somewhere else.

How interesting that a sanctuary city run by Democrats who have been all for illegal immigration is now troubled by the flood of illegal aliens. Leftist ideas sound compassionate coming from those Democrat leaders until its at their front door. "

Of course, NYC, is not the most expensive city in the world, so he is lying. And NY's Governor is promising drivers' licenses and all sorts of goodies for illegal aliens, so they really need to coordinate their messaging. Now let the leftwing loon spinning begin. This will certainly ruin a certain priest's day who ponders retiring to the Big Rotten Apple!