Thursday, September 14, 2023


Mitt Romney hit the nail on the head. We don’t need Joe Biden or Donald Trump running for the presidency. They’re too old and President Biden should have his driver’s license taken away from him. 

As an aside, my mom in her late 80’s gave up driving on her own. However, she did not give up cooking, so I had to turn the stove off at the breaker box and tell her the stove was broken. She would put stuff on the stove, sit down, fall asleep and burn things which could burn down the house and other condos along side it! She was miffed in her early 90’s that when I was home with her, the stove worked but when I was gone it didn’t!

We don’t need Joe Biden or Donald Trump as President, Mitt Romney in the Senate, Nancy Pelosi in the House or Mitch McConnell as the minority leader. Joe, Nancy and Mitch and others like them need to follow Mitt’s wonderful example to the country and our Church!!!! What a role model Mitt his for aging, fumbling, incoherent leaders who nonetheless tenaciously hang on to power!

But here is where we are at in the government of the USA and in our Church. We have aging baby-boomers, many though, pre-baby boomers, who want to hang onto power and continue to make a mess of things long after they have already made a mess of things to begin with. 

That doesn’t mean a generational, epochal change will make things better. The younger crowd like the older crowd have it in their DNA to make a mess of things. We need, though, a different kind of mess than the mess President Biden and Pope Francis have made and those of their generations. We need a younger generational mess.

Senator Mitt Romney and Pope Benedict XVI both have set a brilliant example for leaders of their generations in both our government and in the Church’s leadership. Retire with dignity!


Seamus Malone said...


God bless you for your good nature, but you appear to be taking the ostensible reasons for these men retiring at face value. There has been a plethora of information from various sources indicating that Pope Benedict's retirement wasn't based on some conviction that the Church needed younger leadership, but rather that he realized he had been boxed into a dead-end corner by his enemies in the curia. And Romney? To take ANYTHING he says at face value or to actually believe him is a leap of faith. There is strong reason to suspect that with is poll numbers falling slightly behind Ted Bundy's, he's pre-emptively saving himself from the same public humiliation that was given to Liz Cheney.

If only we COULD believe our leaders. The record indicates that we not only shouldn't, but to do so can be dangerous.

James E Dangerfield said...

Finally, I can agree with you beyond liturgical issues. Help retire them both! Since we live in an “R” state, it starts with us and resisting in the first-in-the-south primary. Can’t get rid of both unless you get rid of one! And, please, consider a man’s obvious character as the threshold question that it is. If he has very poor character, he is NOT the Lord’s man. “By their fruits, you shall know them…”. Now, how many children by how many wives does a six time bankrupt man have to have before his character is found a disqualification? And don’t say, “but the other fellow….”. If you can’t qualify your man on the threshold matter, then “what about the other guy…” simply means you find another way, ok? It’s not Trump nationalism or nationalization of industry as a binary choice. It never is. Nevertheless, take the devil off the R side and we will be better able to avoid the “deep blue sea.”