Sunday, September 24, 2023


Amy Welborn wrote a lengthy rebuttal with some thoughts of her own about Cardinal Dolan’ recent opining about Masses being too long. Cardinal Dolan’s article is HERE

At Amy’s long commentary there is a great comment that alerted me to Wichita’s Pope Francis appointed bishop, Bishop Kemme who wrote a Pastoral letter on the Liturgy released on September 13th. I found this by accident. Why are no other blogs reporting on it? It is a liturgical bombshell! The link to the letter is at the bottom of Stephanie Mann’s comment on Amy’s post below:

 Stephanie A. Mann:

Bishop Kemme in Wichita is leading us to re-orient ourselves at Mass “Ad Deum” instead of at ourselves in a recent Pastoral Letter: 

“Christ left us the memorial of his sacrifice so that we might learn what it means to offer ourselves as a complete and total self-gift to the Father. By participating in Christ’s sacrifice to the Father, we also learn to give our lives as a living sacrifice. When the entirety of the liturgy is prayed, ad Deum, which in Latin means toward God, the liturgy sends us back into the world to live life as self-gift ad Deum. Indeed, many aspects of the liturgy portray the idea of self-gift; however, I want to emphasize how it is revealed in sacred music. . . . 

“In the liturgy, we transcend space and time to participate in the sacrifice of Christ at the one altar that remains in the temple of the Heavenly Kingdom. From the onset, the music accompanying this procession should direct our thoughts to the particular mystery being celebrated, and it should resemble the song of the angels and the saints revealed to us in the scriptures. However, too often, we sing music that focuses not on God but on us. When this happens, the liturgy loses its focus on God and can become self-serving rather than self-giving.” 

I think it’s a good step, although when I attend the Sunday TLM at the one parish church it’s allowed at now, it’s all there already.


TJM said...

His appointment was obviously one of PF’s “mistakes” in this case a good one!

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

In terms of the Liturgical "reform" and its progeny, the Novus Ordo, I have come to regard it as the ultimate in hubris, that a bunch of "liturgists" in the 1960s assumed they knew better than anyone who came before them, 1900 years of them. Well, the proof is in the pudding. It has been a flop, chased millions away, and now we have a Pope who wants to rub out the Mass which prevailed until after the Council. This will not end well for those goofballs in Rome.