Saturday, September 9, 2023


I can just hear Adam saying to Eve, listen to the talking serpent, eat that forbidden fruit, it’s no big deal!

 And progressive Catholics today quip, “Was it so scandalous?”

 I am sure Pope Francis will initiate an apostolic visitation of this good bishop.

Press title for full article:

Brazilian bishop downplays giving Holy Communion to Muslim sheik: Was it ‘so scandalous?’

Bishop Adriano Ciocca Vasino defended the actions of a fellow Brazilian bishop who recently gave Communion to a Muslim leader.

Brazilian bishop downplays giving Holy Communion to Muslim sheik: Was it ‘so scandalous?’
Money byte from the linked article: 

 But responding to the archbishop’s comments, respected theologian and author Dr. Peter Kwasniewski argued that Steinmetz was evidencing the Church being “in the worst crisis of her history.” “We have never seen something like this before,” wrote Kwasniewski. “Even at the worst times, no priest or bishop would have dared to give the Body of the Lord to an unbaptized pagan or infidel.”

 He warned that citing Pope Francis’ writings, even if a false reference, demonstrated the “ripple effects” of the papal statements. “Give communion to the peripheries … to the divorced and ‘remarried’ … to the LGBT community … to anyone and everyone and perhaps eventually anything that eats, like pets and carnivorous plants,” Kwasniewski quipped.


Bob said...

Look, Father, you need to get with the program.

Nothing matters except what people think today. Nothing said by any past pope, scriptural character or scholar matters, because that was then and this is now.

All which matters is this current pope and what he says. If he says communion is for those not in communion, then it's not just ok, but what the church currently teaches.

If sin doesn't matter, if non-repentance doesn't matter, then communion is for everybody, which means communion in heaven is for everybody.

Which means we really don't even need a, that money you were going to donate to the church while at mass? Why, just stay home and use that money to buy something nice for deserve it....after all, God loves you and wants you to be happy.

PS-be sure to do something nice for some drug addict criminal, as they will be there, too, borders between heaven and hell being abolished as inhumane, and the last time they didn't get what they wanted, it took 5 days to put out the fires and 3 years to patch up the damage, but, hey, we have eternity, right?

TJM said...

And if you are for encouraging the mentally ill while subverting Church teaching you must vote Democrat!

California courts’ child-custody decisions must consider whether a parent affirms a child’s “gender identity or gender expression,” under a bill the California Legislature approved Friday.

The California Assembly passed Assembly Bill 957 on Friday by a party-line vote of 57-16, with several Democrats not voting, KCRA 3 News reported. The state Senate passed the legislation on Wednesday in a 30-9 vote, with all Republicans voting against the bill. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the bill by the legal deadline of Oct. 14.

Anonymous said...

From the LifeSiteNews article:

"Peter Kwasniewski...warned that citing Pope Francis’ writings, even if a false reference, demonstrated the “ripple effects” of the papal statements."

The above statement demonstrates the profound animosity that Peter Kwasniewski has in regard to the Vicar of Christ. Peter Kwasniewski will justify even "a false reference" to Pope Francis' writings so as to defame His Holiness.

Pope Francis is responsible for "false references" to his writings. It is acceptable to bear false witness against the Vicar of Christ, according to Peter Kwasniewski.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


When you become as erudite and faith filled as Dr Kwasniewski, you may criticize him.

Now, since you are a leftist, this should embarrass you, but it won't, and certainly not your leftist crony who posts here:

Chicago Teachers Union president sends son to private school after labeling school choice supporters ‘fascists.’

Get it yet?

Bob said...

MT, I agree...Francis needs no assistance whatsoever to defame himself or his holiness.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of a technique that LifeSiteNews has often employed.

When said outfit has desired to credentialize/legitimize this or that person, LifeSiteNews will describe Person X as "respected," "regarded highly," etc. The LifeSiteNews article in question described Peter Kwasniewski as a "respected theologian and author."

Other than radtrads, who would possibly view Peter Kwasniewski as a "respected theologian and author?"

Peter Kwasniewski has:

-- Attributed heresy to Pope Francis.

-- Insisted that a bishop must denounce Pope Francis publicly as a heretic as a "necessary condition for being a faithful bishop of the Catholic Church."

-- Insisted that Pope Benedict XVI had packed Summorum Pontificum with "lies."

-- Insisted that Summorum Pontifium was a confusing, muddle document, that could only fail.

-- Denounced and rejected Pope Venerable Pius XII's liturgical reforms.

-- Insisted that Pope Venerable Pius XII had inflicted "violence" upon the Roman Liturgy.

-- Denounced and rejected Pope Saint Pius X's liturgical reforms.

-- Denounced the Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI as an "imposter" Mass.

-- Insisted that it is right and proper to reject the Papal Magisterium.

All of the above is just a sampling of the utter garbage pronounced by Peter Kwasniewski, the so-called "respected theologian and author."

Final example:

Peter Kwasniewski: "Sacrosanctum Concilium is not only not a safe document, it was the greatest Trojan Horse ever introduced into the Church."

Pope Saint John Paul II declared:

"The Constitution is the expression of the unanimous voice of the College of Bishops gathered around the Successor of Peter and with the help of the Spirit of Truth promised by the Lord Jesus."

"The Constitution continues to sustain the Church along the paths of renewal and of holiness by fostering genuine liturgical life."


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

The above from MT needs a major barf alert warning.

Dr. Kwasniewski is Catholic, MT pretends to be

rcg said...

Are we missing a larger question? Has the Brazilian bishop been proselytized by the imam? Has he been converted?