Thursday, September 14, 2023


Cardinal-Designate Fernandez needs to think before he speaks so that he won't have to correct what he said which was quite wrong. 

Here's the first correction!

Archbishop Fernández Clarifies His Warning Not to Judge the ‘Doctrine of the Holy Father’

Sound byte:

“Now, if you tell me that some bishops have a special gift of the Holy Spirit to judge the doctrine of the Holy Father, we will enter into a vicious circle (where anyone can claim to have the true doctrine) and that would be heresy and schism.”

His comments led some to wonder if he was implying that Pope Francis had a doctrine of his own, independent of Church teaching, one that should not be judged or criticized. Such a novelty would not be in keeping with the dogmatic teaching of the Church which has always taught that the Pope, and the bishops in communion with him, are the guardians of the deposit of faith received from the Lord and handed down by the apostles. 

In a short clarification sent to the Register Sept. 13, Cardinal-designate Fernández said: “If you follow the argumentation above that sentence [about the Pope having two charisms] you will understand the meaning to be as follows:

“Only to Peter did Jesus Christ promise special assistance to ‘confirm the brethren in the faith.’ Therefore, it seems obvious that no one can say — directly or indirectly — that Francis does not have this assistance and that other, supposedly more orthodox bishops or priests, do have it. No one can attribute to himself this function and this charism that are proper only to the successor of Peter. This is quite obvious to a Catholic, but certainly not to a Protestant.”

My astute comments: Any Catholic and any person, baptized or not, can discover what the Catholic Church teaches because it is transparently out in the open. For someone, to include the pope, to think he has a doctrine known only to him is the heresy of Gnosticism. Fernandez should know better!  And to suggest that it isn't known to the college of bishops is an astounding mistake.

Please read Cardinal Mueller's response. Muller is far superior in intellectual capacity than our new Prefect Fernandez. It is all really very sad. 

Then we have this little ditty from another interview!:

Church teaching a 'treasure' that must be defended, Vatican’s new doctrine chief says



Catechist Kev said...

"You are a man not a woman and act like one."

Father, given the fact that PF acquiesces, panders to, or what-have-you, certain... men(cough!) that are all for the alphabet-soup folks' "ideology" - why would you think that the cardinal designate would begin to "act" like a man?

Especially one who wrote a book titled "Heal Me with Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing"? (Yuck!)

rcg said...

He seems to lapse into defensive apologies pretty easily.