Thursday, September 21, 2023


Let me join the world of creeping infallibility: this has to be of the Holy Spirit, no question about it, case settled!:

BREAKING: Cardinal Müller defends Bishop Strickland: ‘He should definitely not resign’

Cdl. Müller's strong statement of support for Bp. Strickland comes in the face of rumors that the Vatican will pressure the Texas prelate to resign his see.


From the Register:  The bishop of San Francisco de Macorís in the Dominican Republic, Alfredo De la Cruz, who will be participating in the Synod on Synodality in October at the Vatican, said the event should discuss mandatory celibacy, the diaconate, and the ministerial priesthood for women, among other issues…

…Asked about what could change in Catholic doctrine, Bishop De la Cruz noted: “We must first distance ourselves from everything that fundamentalism signifies, from believing that doctrine can’t be touched. That would be the first temptation we would have, to believe that doctrine can’t be touched. Doctrine is there in order to reflect, to see.”…

 “we would have to address mandatory celibacy; we will have to address Communion to all those who participate in the Eucharist as a feast of the Lord and as a community of faith, because we say that Eucharist is the meeting place of all brothers. ‘Ah, I encounter my brother, but to one group I don’t give anything to eat’ and I leave them hungry,” he added.

Read the Register’s report by pressing link below the bishop’s photo. Certainly the Holy Spirit is guiding the Synod and this bishop:

Bishop Who Will Attend Synod: We Must Address Issue of Women Deacons and Priests


And the Pillar is reporting that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the 75 year old Archbishop. The Pope replaced him with a nearby bishop and this is what the Pillar says:

The Vatican said Wednesday that the pope had named Bishop Benno Elbs, head of the neighboring Diocese of Feldkirch in Austria, as Vaduz’s apostolic administrator sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis (“the see being vacant and at the disposition of the Holy See”).

Unlike Archbishop Haas, Bishop Elbs is reportedly an advocate of married priestsfemale deacons, and the blessing of same-sex couples.

Commenting on his appointment, Elbs said: “We live in challenging times. It is up to us to shape these times. It is with this inner attitude that I would like to begin my service as apostolic administrator in the Archdiocese of Vaduz and thank already today all those who accompany me on this path, which can only succeed together.” 

All of this, of course, is supported by the Holy Spirit—don’t ever question that! Read the Pillar’s article below the good Archbishop’s photo:

Archbishop’s resignation signals end of era for Liechtenstein’s Catholics


Certainly some will say, to justify it, that all this is the work of the Holy Spirit—yes, that must be it:

Rorate Caeli:

Francis Makes His Most Audacious Move: Rehabilitating His Friend, the Sex Abuser Marko Rupnik

National Catholic Reporter:

Alleged victims of influential Vatican artist left 'speechless' after new Rome diocese report

The Pillar:


At Crux, there is a commentary of the Leopard Nuncio. What Crux fails to report or to see is that the main problem is that the good bishop nuncio is not wearing an alb under the chasuble and more than likely no stole. 

It looks ridiculous not so much because of the animal pattern, which would drive PETA crazy, but because there is no alb or stole:

Papal envoy’s leopard skin vestment stirs social media sensation


TJM said...

Here is more insanity from Pope Meany:

"Pope Francis closed out his summer by praising the Mongolian and Russian empires for their tolerance and humanity, before criticizing American Catholics for their backwardness and narrowness. No, you read that right the first time. He praised the horde of Genghis Khan and the imperialism of the Russian czars for their tolerance, then went on to criticize American Catholics for a sin he made up, called “indietrismo” — which means backward-looking. This from a man occupying an office whose occupants used to vow to shed blood if that’s what it meant to keep “inviolate the discipline and ritual of the church just as I found and received it handed down by my predecessors.”

If the US hierarchy had any guts, they would stop sending money to Rome. Rome then would have to deal with reality instead of fantasy

rcg said...

I predict that much more radical edicts will come from Rome in the next couple of years. The Pope will support recommendations from the synods with various motu proprio then pass into eternity. It seems the synod participants believe they are drafting a Magna Carta with the assistance of the Holy Spirit to present the First Person of the Trinity that aires grievances for many millennia of oppression. Democracy in action.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

RCG, with all the other synods, Pope Francis in his official proclamation on those synods complained bitterly that the participants didn't know what synodality was all about. He was concerned that is was seen as a political parliamentary procedure. I am not sure if any synods since Vatican II to include this papacy's synods have had any real effect on anyone, except brng us back to discussing issues settled by John Paul II and Benedict XVI, as though their magisteriums never existed.

But Pope Francis has always been angry after synods and I suspect after this one too and will complain bitterly about how participants politicized it.

But it is clear to me, and the blame has to be placed squarely at the feet of Pope Francis, that the Church has never seen such polarization and anxiety since the Council of Trent! There is going to be a schism or Protestant-like Reformation, its direction based upon what the Pope will confirm or reject.

Those who think the Pope will change the sexual anthropology of the Church and allow the Political ideologies of the LGBTQ+++ pushers that then will allow for multi-gendered marriage and all married or not to be allowed to Holy Orders, they will go off, either to some other Protestant denomination or a new pseudo Catholic denomination.

If he does approve governmental political ideologies as it concerns the LGBTQ+++ agenda, traditional and orthodox Catholics will create a schismatic Church or join the SSPX, which seems more logical, although not all conservative, orthodox Catholics want the TLM and its sacramental system but preferred the reformed rites.

Whatever he decides, there will be a major schism. That will not be good for him or the Holy Church of Christ. It is a no win situation for him and for the Church. The Holy Spirit cannot be blamed for this, only Pope Francis, no one else. However, we can count on the Holy Spirit, who does not make messes, but cleans them up, to save us. Thank God for that!

TJM said...

The present time is even worse than the period following the Council, because political, leftwing loonism is driving all of this. The Alinsky School of thought on steroids.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Much of the Protestant Reformation was politically motivated and Martin Luther was weaponized for Germany to take political power and property away from the Church. In Germany that is happening again with all their synodal propaganda is demanding. The Church there needs the government’s money and is prostituting herself for that money and staying in the good graces of the government. Church Salaries for bishops and clergy are paid by the government. Perhaps, like Martin Luther, Pope Francis is a useful idiot to subject the Church to political control and sexual and life ideologies.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Very well said but it will leave our resident papalator frothing at the mouth.

rcg said...

Well, the Holy Father has his mess, it would be time now for some leadership. I think there is a chance he may have thought that if he gave full reign to the bishops, cardinals, clergy with various agenda we would all work our way lovically to Christ and Church teachings. Otherwise he makes the third servant look like Warren Buffett.