Thursday, March 4, 2021



New Orleans says no to the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine. The USCCB’s statement is a bit more nuanced and basically says go for it to protect the greater good.

And then there is this Vatican statement from December:

And then there was this:


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Details:  The Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans urged Catholics on Friday against taking a vaccine

And there is this, meh:


March 3rd, 2021|Categories: COVID-19

"We affirm again that being vaccinated can be an act of charity that serves the common good."

And then there is me:

It’s clear that Catholic moral theology is in chaos. What to do? What to do? O! What are we to do?


Anonymous said...

"What to do? What to do? O! What are we to do?"

Stop waiting for the Cburch to tell you when you pee, who to vote for, and/or what your reaction to a gay sone or lesbian daughter should be; use the intellect God gave you, be informed regarding the Church's principles, and make a decision based on that well-formed conscience.

Oh, and stop whining.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I will as soon as you stop your whining about me, which will be NEVERRRRRRR.

Anonymous said...

You asked, "What are we to do?' and got a response, and then complained about the response you got...

TJM has infected your brain.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous K,

Yes, keep on voting for the Abortion Party which clearly demonstrates you have a malformed conscience. I have known dozens of priests and you are the most juvenile and silly I have encountered.

Anonymous said...

Anon819....That was inexcusably rude and foul speech, where you hide behind anonimity to say such things. You are a coward.

I post anon simply over privacy concerns, while you misuse it to be purely insulting in the safety of your mother's basement, where somebody would punch your lights out if you spoke to them that way in person.

In answer to the original post query, in conflict learned opinion, we are left with prayer and informed conscience. Personally, I abstain from any medical treatment of even questionable derivation, as life is always too short, while eternity means forever, and I would prefer the happy version vs the guilt ridden.

Anonymous said...

And Anon819....just for the record, I am also wanting to go wash my brain with hot soapy water after the nastiness of replies to some of your trouble making posts.

These ugly posts on both sides wreck a public comment section, but it seems public nasty squabbling is the point. I note a decided lack of civil posts in general, the decent folk run off by it all.

Anonymous said...

"Anon819....That was inexcusably rude and foul speech, where you hide behind anonimity to say such things. You are a coward."

Said the person who posted under the name... (wait for it) ... ANONYMOUS!

But, of course, doing so "simply for privacy concerns" means it's A-OK. Yeah right...

You were saying something about a "coward"...?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:48 PM.

You're screeching because he called you out for what you are. Why don't you go over to Pray Tell and ruin that blog, at least that would do the Church some good

Anonymous said...

The USCCB should have issued a statement in simple language as to which vaccines they approved or disapproved of and why. Each individual vaccine could have been given a simple one paragraph explanation in language suitable for an eighth grader. No charts or graphs needed. It seems that much of the arguments for these vaccines revolve around cell lines used for their research and development or in their testing. Which of these cell lines are morally acceptable, and which are not? Plain simple language presented in a timely fashion.

I also wonder if USCCB should address the fact that a large number of these vaccines ignored Catholics. President Biden did direct Merck to aid in the production of a vaccine that is morally compromised. What does he expect Catholics to do? Seems like a letter writing campaign calling for a vaccine acceptable to Catholics might be justified . I read in one science article that the Catholics concerns were from “a minority fringe group.”