Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Joseph Johnson said...

This sounds like it came right out of the book, “The Dictator Pope.”

TJM said...

Sounds about right.

The nice picture of the young priest celebrating the EF surrounded by altarboys must kill "Father You Know Who!""" and MT

Carol H. said...

TJM, I have noticed that MT has been quiet lately. Let's pray for him please, and not put him down.

Dan said...

Possibly MT found a "right wing" "trad" blog that allows comments, so he's busy....

TJM said...

Carol H,

I regret to say, MT has surfaced lauding the magnificence of the Novus Ordo and making some dubious assertions how it is making mass conversions in Africa and Asia.

Mark Thomas said...

Vatican cardinal slams Pope Francis as 'ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian' and a 'LIAR' in explosive interview about Catholic church child sex abuse scandal

Anonymous cardinal made the comments to German magazine Der Spiegel

We don't know that the reporter had spoken to a Cardinal. Many "anonymous source" stories have proved false.

The article has the feel of a hit-piece to defame the Vicar of Christ. The Church teaches that Pope Francis has the right to his good name.

The article said that "In Germany alone, almost 3,700 minors were abused between 1946 and 2014."

If the above statistic is accurate, then it's a given that the overwhelming majority of abuse cases (or allegations) occurred prior to Pope Francis' Pontificate.

That applies also to the Pennsylvania Report, in which overwhelming majority of allegations cited against priests occurred from 1947 A.D. to the early 2000s.

But those who despise Pope Francis have employed the recent news media feeding frenzy to heap the blame upon His Holiness in regard to abuse cases (or allegations) that involved bishops/priests.

The Der Spiegel article is trash.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Dan said..."Possibly MT found a "right wing" "trad" blog that allows comments, so he's busy...."

With one exception, each right-wing, "trad" blog has banned me. The most recent bannings: Novus Ordo Watch...they won't tolerate anybody who challenges the lies that they promote.

Rorate Caeli banned me from their twitter feed as I exposed one of the countless lies that they've promoted to defame Pope Francis.

They didn't appreciate that I had employed the following (their very post) to demonstrate their two-faced nature. Time and again, they have insisted that Pope Francis is a leftist in regard to Catholic Social and economic teachings.

Rorate Caeli banned me when I noted the following:

"...the positions stated by Pope Francis on economic and social matters are much closer to the Traditional Catholic position on the economy and the State than not.

"Indeed, it can be said unhesitatingly that this is one area in which the Pope will find mostly allies in Traditional Catholics."

"By criticizing the current Pope when he indeed defends positions kept by his predecessors on Social Doctrine (admittedly, Pope Francis often fills such defense with unexpected idiosyncrasies, but not essential deviations), "Conservatives" bring themselves to an untenable position."

Dan, let me know please about any "trad" blogger who allows folks to challenge the nonsense that they promote...such nonsense as Pope Francis hated the SSPX, would excommunicate the SSPX...planned to outlaw the TLM...had developed an "Ecumenical Mass"...planned to dismiss Cardinal Burke from the College of Cardinals...would authorize priestesses...planned to overthrow Humanae Vitae...never condemns the persecution of Middle Eastern drugging and holding Cardinal Ratzinger prisoner...hates holy priests...would offer horrific Masses...refuses to condemn abortion...will permit Protestants to receive Communion regularly...on and on.


Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

Dan said...

MT the "rad trad, right wing conspiracy" against Francis with their fake news is awful! I can remember when they were predicting that he would sign an agreement giving COMMUNISTS the right to choose bishops!

TJM said...


Bingo. Although I would like it if President Trump was appointing US bishops, they might just be a bit more orthodox than PF's picks

DJR said...

Communist controlled bishop from the pro-abortion Patriotic Association to attend Youth Synod in October.

The 50-year-old Giuseppe Guo Jincai, a native of Chengde, current Secretary General of the Conference of Chinese Bishops (an organization not yet recognized by the Holy See) studied at the Hebei Seminary until 1992. He was ordained bishop of Chengde without pontifical mandate in November 2010. The episcopal ordination - the first administered in an illegitimate way since 2006 - took place in spite of the lively protests of the Holy See. 8 legitimate Chinese bishops also took part in the ordination, some of them under pressure from the local apparatus.

Guo Jincai is one of the seven bishops canonically legitimized and received back into full communion by Pope Francis, during the dialogue that led to the Sino-Vatican agreement on the criteria for the selection of future Chinese bishops.