Saturday, September 22, 2018


The Episcopal Church use to advertise itself as the bridge between Catholic, Protestant, high and low church expressions of Christianity with a bit of Eastern Orthodoxy in the mix.

Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is the new Episcopal Church having recovered/restored 1970’s catholic liberalism with his allies like Cupich, Tobin, Kasper and Jesuitical cronies.

In contrast we have the Pope Benedict school of renewal in continuity and then the Lefeberist complete rejection of Vatican II with its retro Catholicism fixed on Trent as the last valid council.

Under Francis, 1970’s liberal catholicism with its enabling corruption of morals, doctrine, dogma and clergy and laity will be the mainstream low catholicism and the rest of us the periphery which is included but marginalized by the name calling of neo gnostics and neo pelegians and whatever other insults that can be hurled, will be the high church expression of the “many, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.”

But at least we will be included and patronized along with every other sect which calls itself christian.

There is a silver lining in all dark clouds.


Anonymous said...

Father, what a silly question. NO Pope Francis is not trying to turn the Holy Roman Church into a form of Episcopalianism.

That’s just silly.

Pope Francis is trying to turn the Holy Roman Church into Lutheranism. Everybody knows this Father. You need to get with the program.

Dan said...

"There is a silver lining in all dark clouds." Not really. A faith which can't speak truth to the culture, or which allows the culture to shape "truth" becomes irrelevant.

60's Survivor said...

If there IS a silver lining, it is this: Pope Francis (if he IS the pope) has lost all legitimacy. He has been exposed. He has been blinded to how the public perceives him. He and his sycophants will continue on their ineffective path. But God has already intervened by way of McCormick and Vigano. His is a failed papacy. Even if he rams through his absurd non-Catholic initiatives, his successor will correct his errors.

It's over. And he doesn't even see it yet.

Anonymous said...

Whew, I fear you are correct, Father. I have started thinking that we are in a Cathculture war. Culture wars are very insidious, but just as deadly (or more so) as physical wars such as the Thirty Years War. The armaments used pierce and destroy souls rather than bodies. And you are correct that even those of us left on the fringe of “orthodox” Catholicism attack each other with acerbic argumentation and name-calling. I see it on social media all the time, and even here. God help us. To me the big question is: What is Church? Can we possibly agree on an answer? If not, how can we possibly win this war?

We must fully understand the price of Cathculture war. I know I sound emotional here; I care (sometimes perhaps too much?) about Holy Mother Church and her Sacred Liturgy. I care about our clergy. I care about souls being lost. We are at war, whether we acknowledge it or not. Christ gave us the model for fighting this war. Can we do it?

TJM said...

Well young Catholics are not buying the pamblum PF is selling. THe only real religious vitality among the young is the EF movement. In hoc signo vinces. The biological solution will take care of this.

Anonymous said...

The silver lining is that now that we are friends with China, Francis has someplace to send Wuerl and Tobin.

rcg said...

Anon at 1:49pm, are we related?

Anonymous said...

If the Episcopal Church indeed is described as a "bridge", well, the bridge is falling apart---the Church has lost half its members since the not so great 1960s and many parishes have closed or bolted to another denomination. Average Sunday attendance at some parishes is in the double-digits. And the more liberal the Church gets, the more members head for the doors. Now it supports same-sex marriages (not sure where that is in the Bible). The ordination of women priests, starting in 1976, hastened the decline, making the Church even more liberal.

Worldwide, Anglicanism is falling apart in many places (not so much the Third World), but perhaps that was in the plan all along. As a former Anglican (now Eastern Orthodox) priest wrote years ago, there were inherent flaws in Anglicanism centuries ago, such as with the monarch being the supreme head of the Church and the tolerance of "high" and "low" branches within the Church---the "Elizabethan Compromise", referring to the first Queen Elizabeth, As the priest wrote, the compromise was politically brilliant (at that time)---but spiritually deadly!