Tuesday, September 18, 2018


What’s even worse than the Jesuit priest abusing his priesthood, the Mass and those he organized to do this is the congregation that enjoys this abuse and the Archbishop who did not suspend this Jesuit!

But there is more to help you connect the dots about this kind of priestly narcissism and the current meltdown. This Jesuit priest at a well-known pro-homosexual Manhattan parish has been removed as pastor for “boundary violations” with “an adult male who attended the parish.”
Fr. Bob VerEecke has been removed as pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church and restricted “from the exercise of public sacramental ministry,” according to a September 15 letter from Jesuit superior John Cecero read out at parish Masses last weekend.
Dear God!!!!!


ByzRus said...

We can all be as aghast as we would like at his disrespectful behavior toward the liturgy, vestments, the church building, his priesthood and the souls who, willingly or, unwillingly were participating and, NOTHING will change in the current climate. If this occurred in Chicago, it seems like the hierarchy there would reward Father by nominating him for the episcopacy.

TJM said...

he belongs in a loony bin

TJM said...

This priest gives new meaning to the title "Dancing Queen."

Tom Makin said...

Hope this Priest's Bishop sees this...more importantly, will he care and censure this kind of thing?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

You may not have noticed that I updated the post. The priest had a same sex boundary violation with a male parishioner and was removed as pastor thee days ago.

ByzRus said...

NOTHING seems off limits with these guys. One wonders if his whole priesthood was a farce.

Dan said...

I think the Church has basically encouraged these kinds of antics in the last generation or so in Her priests. Makes them smell all "sheepy" and proves they're not suffering from "clericalism." Sadly, most of today's parishioners probably love it.

Victor said...

But Father, but Father: Did not David dance in front of the Ark with somewhat immodest attire? Were not the people clapping their hands in this church, like in the psalms, to the beat of the music? So the Modernists are right in citing this example for dance in the liturgy. Indeed, the priest should have even taken off most of his clothes too!

On the other hand, David's dancing was not liturgical but prophetic:

Joseph Johnson said...

It is stuff like this that can make meeting the weekly obligation to attend Mass "a difficult trial" (I didn't coin that phrase in this context by the way . .). This is what makes a lot of Catholics either give up on the Novus Ordo Mass and resort only to the Old Mass (if they have the luxury of recourse to it--not an option in S.E. Georgia) or give up on the Church altogether.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

No, this is not in Chicago...this is Fr. Bob VerEecke at St. Francis Xavier in New York. (I looked it up.)

Poor St. Francis Xavier...dying in China almost totally alone, and now he had to witness this... (My mom's father was born on Dec. 3, and named Frank after St. Francis.)

God bless.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

I know that parish well!

I once spent time working there as a software consultant (nearly 20 years ago).

OMG! The things I saw and heard while I was there!

There's nothing that parish needs more than a good exorcism!

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

John Nolan said...

Regarding Joseph Johnson's comment, no-one can imagine that attendance at such a travesty of liturgical worship could be obligatory; the congregation, by going along with it, are also guilty of sacrilege.

Most of us will not be exposed to such shenanigans. But for many, the obligation of attending Mass on Sundays might well involve putting up with lower levels of abuse which cumulatively have the effect of rotting the soul. I have said it before, and I will say it again; obligation is a two-way process. The Church has an obligation to provide liturgy worthy of the name if laity are to be obliged to participate in it.

Perhaps the whole idea of obligatory attendance at Mass, which could be justified when the Mass was more or less the same everywhere, needs to be re-examined.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Bravissimo! If Father Entertainer would knock it off and say the black and do the red, the Church's obligation makes sense. When my Catholic Faith is mocked by their lunacies at Mass, all bets are off. The priest who does what I just stated is the epitome of "clericalism." Much of the laity is better educated than the clergy and they need to be aware of this reality. John, based on your exchanges with Kavanaugh, I have no doubt that you know more about the Catholic Faith and Liturgy than he does.