Sunday, September 16, 2018



Tom Makin said...

I saw this yesterday and as they say " have some splaining to do"

Seriously, I want answers and I don't want to wait until the February, regularly scheduled, "white wash" conference. Yes pray!, but this is a secular issue in large part that requires immediate and substantive secular action.

The "Dubia Cardinals" are silent right now...I think content, in part, to allow this pontificate to implode....which it really needs no help in doing so on it's own.

Rood Screen said...

Tom Makin,

Half the Dubia Cardinals are dead.

Victor said...

These film documentaries are designed to manipulate emotions. Because of that, I have more sympathy for Francis here than his accusers. We do not know how much Francis knew at the time, whether the information was passed on to him, and exactly what the circumstances of the "abuse" were.

John Nolan said...

Benedict XVI visited Germany three times during his pontificate. The first (WYD Cologne 2005) was already scheduled, but the following year he visited his home state of Bavaria.

John Paul II made no fewer than nine visits to his homeland between 1979 and 2002.

By contrast, in over five years Francis has not set foot in Argentina, and, as far as I am aware, is not planning to do so. Strange, don't you think?

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Maybe there is a warrant waiting for PF the minute he steps into the Country?

John Nolan said...


PF is a Head of State so cannot be arraigned under any national jurisdiction. However, things are emerging about his time as a bishop, and then archbishop in Buenos Aires, which are extremely concerning. Henry Sire has an article on 1Peter5 which is required reading for those, like Mark Thomas, who idolize PF regardless of what he says or does.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Good point, but does Argentina follow the rule of law? Yes, I have read many disconcerting articles about PF's time as Archbishop there. MT is probably on suicide watch