Saturday, September 8, 2018


I copy this from Crux's longer interview which you can read there:

[Editor’s Note: Melinda Henneberger is an editorial writer and columnist for the Kansas City Star and monthly columnist for USA Today. A graduate of Notre Name, she used to cover Catholic issues for the New York Times from Rome. Earlier this year, she won the prestigious Scripps Howard Award. She spoke to Charles Camosy about her views on Pope Francis and his attempts to reform the Church.]
Camosy: used to work for the New York Times covering a lot of Catholic news out of Rome. Given your experience of how things worked then, and having had more than six years of Pope Francis, how do you think his attempts to reform the institutional Church have gone thus far? 
Henneberger: Until recently, I would have given a nice mixed answer. But in the current context, the ship is on fire and sinking while the captain chooses this of all moments to stay silent, the crew argues on like nothing has changed and the passengers are jumping into the lifeboats; bye!
I’ve been very supportive of Francis, but doesn’t he have anyone around him who will tell him how serious this crisis is? Bottom line, the last three popes and who knows how many before that have failed to protect children. They haven’t seen how central a failing that’s been, either, or why if the Church can’t get that right, nothing and I mean nothing else matters.
Who do they think is going to take them seriously on the dignity and worth of unborn children given their demonstrably cavalier attitude towards the already born children they’ve so routinely treated as non-people?


Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the last three popes and who knows how many before that have failed to protect children. They haven’t seen how central a failing that’s been, either, or why if the Church can’t get that right, nothing and I mean nothing else matters.

Wow—she gets it!

TJM said...

This Notre Dame grad is still covering for the lavendar mafia. Not to diminish in any way the plight of children, but the elephant in the room is a homosexual clergy gone wild which must be dealt with. A half true is still a lie. From all accounts, McCarrick was NOT a pedophile but a homosexual predator of young men and priests

Henry said...

How long, O Lord, how long … will we be subjected to this nauseous prattle about “protecting the children”? Current statistics indicate that nowhere are children safer from sexual abuse than in the Catholic Church.

So the problem under which the barque of Peter is sinking is not the abuse of children by priests, nor even the cover-up of this abuse by bishops. The problem is homosexuality among priests and bishops.

And the sexual abuse of either minors or young adults (e.g., seminarians and junior priests) is perhaps even a lesser aspect of the problem of homosexuality in the clergy and episcopacy. Perhaps thousands or even tens of thousands of young males have been abused.

But tens or hundreds of millions of Catholics have been abused in the deliberate destruction of liturgy and doctrine, of faith and morals and devotion, wrought by these faithless homosexual priests and bishops who infest the Church in influential positions from top to bottom.

Whole generations of Catholic faithful have suffered the white martyrdom of liturgical and doctrinal abuse throughout their entire adult lives, deprived of the consolation afforded by traditional liturgy and devotion.

As suggested by theologian Janet Smith during EWTN’s “The World Over” this week, this pervasive problem cannot be addressed without purging from the Church every single actively homosexual priest, bishop, and cardinal. Realizing that the result will be a much reduced clergy, and likely a leaner visible Church for the foreseeable future.

Marc said...

Are people just ignoring that Francis canonized the pope who presided over the bulk of the abuse and subsequent cover-ups?

rcg said...

Successful destruction of faith depends on the destruction of confidence. Loss of confidence in McCarrick is one thing. Loss of confidence in the bishops who were responsible to act on firm knowledge of McCarrick’s actions is part of that. But now we need to know what other bishops knew and did about these things and especially the cover up. This includes otherwise admired bishops such as Sarah and Burke.

This distrust of the clergy and the Church is the goal of the real Enemy.

TJM said...


Yes, that's why it's imprudent (or scandalous depending on your point of view) to be canonizing people before the longer lens of history. I believe that Joan of Arc and Thomas More waited hundreds of years.

Gene said...

I agree 100% that Francis should be cannon-ized.

Joe Potillor said...

Yep, and that was the main reason I was against the canonization of JPII the so called great, as well as PaUL VI, and John XXIII

TJM said...


Comedy Gold!!!!

60's Surviving Observer said...

Thank you Henry. Whenever I read about "protecting children" my BS Detector starts going off.

It's time to stop the canard. No one is buying it any more.

It's the Lavender Mafia. And we know what that means. It MUST be eradicated. COMPLETELY. Even if we're down to a handful of priests and bishops. Throw the rest of them out. Yesterday.

TJM said...

Here's a story about one member of the lavender mafia, Donnie Wuerhl of DC:

Just another fake catholic, no big deal

ByzRC said...

I find it interesting how many outside of the Church seems to get "it" while, many within the Church either don't or, choose not to.

TJM said...


That's because Denial, is not just a river in Egypt