Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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Bishop calls homosexuality ‘gift from God,’ seeks to end ‘prejudices that kill’

My comments on the article linked above: There are many elements of what this South American bishop says that I agree because he is teaching what the Church teaches. What he doesn't say is the problem.

One's sexual orientation is not  a personal choice, although we cannot be 100% certain about choice verses fallen nature. When one cultivates a disordered orientation and then acts on it in an immoral way, meaning with full consent of the will, knowing that doing so is a sin and if it is serious matter it is a mortal sin that affects one's salvation in a wholly negative way.  This may lead to one's possible damnation at their personal judgment, a judgment that will surely come as certainly as the sun will rise and set and a jury will find someone guilty or innocent. But God makes no mistakes in HIS CHOICE to damn or save an immortal soul. And God will not cry crocodile tears when in HIS INFINITE KNOWLEDGE AND JUSTICE, NEVER EXCLUDING MERCY, HE SENDS A SOUL PACKING TO HELL.

And while people may have a variety of sexual orientations (it is not always clearly heterosexual or homosexual, one might be a pedophile, ephebophile or bi-sexual, in other words human sexuality can be quite fluid as is one's culpability for behavior that is criminal or sinful) not all sex is natural. While people of all orientations can commit unnatural sexual acts, some sexual orientations always lead to some form of unnatural sex, meaning that there is a violation of God's Law made clear in Scripture, Tradition and  natural law. Natural law is available even to the non-believer.

Loving the sinner does not equate with making one's sin integral to the person's identity. And if ACTING ON a disordered sexual orientation can land you in jail or in hell, then the good bishop should warn the sinning priest not confirm him as so many bishops did by coddling and confirming perverted priests. These bishops then become culpable  with their priests who victimized minors over and over again. In fact, not only does the bishop stand in God's judgement, he might well stand in judgment of civil law and years in prison.

One can appreciate one's humanity as a gift from God and sanctifying and actual  graces that transforms any and all forms of  disordered affections into Godly chaste love. Perfection in the moral law is the end to God's plan for us in heaven and the Church and her sacramental system is the means by which Jesus Christ accompanies us from disordered lives to ordered lives, from imperfection to perfection in heaven.

The good bishop simply does not state what perfection is in this life and the life to come. He does not speak about the four last things, death, judgement, heaven and hell. If he were a medical doctor, he would have his license to practice medicine stripped from him.


Rood Screen said...

The West needs to ask itself, "why does the male seed feature a tail"?

TJM said...

If homosexuality is a "gift from God" I would send it back.

TJM said...

Here's what Vatican II did to the Netherlands!