Sunday, March 26, 2017


The previous pastor of my new parish left this rose vestment for me which I wore on Gaudete  Sunday when I blessed an out outdoor shrine to the unborn after the 3rd Sunday of Advent Mass. Today, Laetare Sunday, I wore it again! If you don't like hot pink, then, please, in your charity send me a nice rose vestment (Gothic style please) with matching dalmatic. Have I ever asked for anything on this blog???

In Macon, today, in addition to Laetare Sunday, it is also the opening of the Cherry Blossom Festival there and as it frequently the case it coincides with the Laetare Sunday Mass and of course visitors and parishioners thought I was being "cute" by wearing the pink of the Cherry Blossom Festival and of course I had to correct them publicly at Mass!

Did you, your fellow Catholics and your priest wear rose today????????????

Other examples of rose and not so rosy:


Joseph Johnson said...

At St. Joseph in Waycross, Ga., the pastor wore rose today (a less expensive version of something like you show Pope Francis wearing). He thanked the Knights of Columbus of our parish for purchasing it for our parish. We were without a serviceable one for years as the last one that was used was a rather nice old pre-Vatican II era semi-Gothic with violet and gold orphrey. Probably last used more than 15 years ago, the violet trim had simply faded to a point that it was no longer fit to use.

By the way, Father McDonald, I would be more than pleased if you were to somehow share what I recently posted about the Anglican Ordinariate Rite and the catechetical importance of the EF (as it relates to preparing for the OF moving in that direction) with my pastor! I don't think he fully understands where I'm coming from.

Victor said...

You have to wonder what the point of these rose vestments is in the new rite. In the old rite, Laetare Sunday celebrated God's gift of the Eucharist which produces the Church, that Jerusalem which is above, and our mother, as our refuge from our captivity in this world of sin. All the old readings make reference to this. Of particular importance is the Gospel of the miracle of the breads, that allegorically recalled the saving manna from heaven that nourished the Israelites on their way from captivity, that is to say, through Jesus the Church now nourishes us with the heavenly Eucharist towards our journey to heaven. These readings are gone in the new rite. Thanks to, if not the incompetence of the reformers, then to their modernist ideology based on chronological snobbery that deforms the meaning of Lent. Laetare Sunday in the Old Rite was always about the joy for the life saving gift of the Eucharist, but, of course, it is also something that a lot of Protestants would not find acceptable in a "Common" lectionary.

Stephen Conner said...

Rose vestments in Dublin, GA at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, at Saturday's Vigil Mass. Father Jacob wore a beautiful Rose chasuble. I also love the Rose chasuble at St. Joseph, in Macon.

cavalier said...

Fr. Winchel and Fr. Vernon did and so did the deacons.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

The Gospel of the Man Born Blind (Laetare A Cycle Gospel) is nothing if not centered on the gift of Jesus, the Head of the Church, from whose side flowed the Blood and Water, the beginning of the sacramental life of the Church. The necessity of being illuminated by Jesus in order to live the life of holiness to which Baptism calls and directs us is an essential element of this passage.

This is certainly something to be joyful, very joyful about! Laetare, Jerusalem!

The Gospel of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes would also provide a basis for Lenten/Laetare preaching.

But the idea that the OF lectionary is weak or that it misses the point of 1) Lent or 2) Laetare, is, I think, greatly overstated.

The idea that it is the result of incompetence or of kowtowing to Protestants is silly.

Stephen Conner said...

There is a parish in the diocese that does not have a red cope for Palm Sunday. And before I had some unexpected things come up (vet bills, insurance premiums, life) I was going to buy the red cope for this particular parish. I'm sure it's too late to do anything for this year, being that Palm Sunday is a week-and-a-half away. I have looked at different websites and online stores. Is there a favorite of the good Father that runs this blog or any other of the the good priests that contribute here? Any ideas would be great. Thanks...(while were talking vestments here). By the way, Father McD., I am not overlooking your request for a Gothic Rose chasuble and dalmatic.