Friday, March 3, 2017


I copy this from The New Liturgical Movement. St. Pope John XXIII was from an Italian peasant family but wholeheartedly embraced the Kingship of the crucified and Risen Christ and the majestic regal accoutrements of the Vicar of Christ the King.

However the hooded Lay cofraternity of brothers scare the heck out of me as they resemble the KKK! Sure glad that's gone with the Vatican 🇻🇦 II winds!

But even more glorious are the Romans in their chaotic piety and posturing! That too has been sanitized today in the EU global union. The Italians are becoming as sterile and organized as the English. And these are mostly Italians before Rome was invaded and taken over by the casual tourist industry!

Ash Wednesday in Rome, 1960

Another great discovery from the archives of British Pathé: unedited footage of Pope St John XXIII participating in the procession at the Roman station church for Ash Wednesday, Santa Sabina. Since the early decades of the 13th century, this church has been the home of the Generalate of the Order of Friars Preachers; early on in the video, we see a large crowd of young Dominicans, including a few in the (now abolished) habit of the lay brothers, with black scapular. Several of Friars also have clearly visible clerical tonsures, and at the very beginning, we also see members of a lay confraternity in habit and hood.


Anonymous said...

Look at that film. Look at the Faith of those people. Look at the reverence and dignity of the pope and the religious. It wasn't pretend it was real. And within 5 years of this filming all of it was destroyed. Did those people see offended by the gesture or bearing of the pope. I saw them drop to their knees in the street.

Fast forward to Ash Wednesday 2017 with Pope Francis being entertained by circus performers in the square of St. Peter's wearing immodest spandex outfits. The man needs to go.

TJM said...

Ut unum sint! Instead of that, we have terrible divisions created by faithless prelates