Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Macon is under a Tornado watch for the rest of the day. Schools were let out earlier today at 2:00 PM. Things are ripe for the perfect storm. There is high humidity and warm weather. The low last night was 64 degrees. The high so far today is 76 degrees (Savannah is predicting 84 degrees!) We've had an unseasonably warm January with 80 degree temps a week or so ago for several days!

Global warming? I report you decide.

But please keep Georgia and other areas of the country that are in store for big Tornadoes today! One has already happened in north Georgia, above Atlanta:

"Lord Jesus, quash the winds of tornadoes and thunder storms and other threatening systems as you quelled the sea for Your disciples. Please, oh Lord, diminish the winds! Inject forces of nature that perturb the organization of these. Dissipate its evil. Weaken it. Deplete its interior! Throw it into confusion. Send it harmlessly into the waters. Let all realize the sin that brings such a threat and work to purify instead of suffering destruction. Oh Lord, sway these winds; Your Might is vastly greater even than the strongest storm. Sway it, oh Lord; let it wobble; let it stray to open waters, where it can dissipate without harm. Chase it from every shore and spare every life in its path!"

Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in peace †. God became Man †, and the Word was made flesh. † Christ was born of a Virgin. † Christ suffered. †. Christ was crucified. †. Christ died. †. Christ rose from the dead. †. Christ ascended into Heaven. †. Christ conquers. †. Christ reigns. †. Christ orders. May †. Christ protect us from all storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning. †. Christ went through their midst in peace, †. and the Word was made flesh. †Christ is with us with Mary. Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Judah, the Root David, has won. †. Holy God! †. Holy Powerful God! †. Holy Immortal God! Have mercy on us. Amen!

(On the † make the sign of the cross, preferably with a crucifix)

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