Friday, May 13, 2011


Just a few blocks from my rectory!

There have been major problems with blogspot which I use to post. Yesterday's post is gone and I couldn't post new comments. I think it affected everyone who uses this for their blogs! However, any comments that are not posted are lost forever I suspect. Not my fault, not my fault, not my most grievous fault!

But with that said, interesting story here in Macon. A bear in downtown yesterday morning! Keep in mind, we a small southern city, not a town! The building where the bear was photographed houses a real estate company. Maybe the bear was looking to buy a den? This building is about three blocks from the rectory and yes this morning when I went out to exercise and it was dark, I was most cautious!

BEAR IN DOWNTOWN MACON, PRESS HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT! I especially like the last part of the story which tells you black bears aren't dangerous, but if you run into one, don't run away from it, back away as it might think you are prey if you run! That's reassuring!

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Laura said...

When I read this, this morning I was particularly humored with the line "Residents should not be too worried as the bear will likely leave on its own". What if he doesn't want to leave on his own? Maybe he really likes Macon and wants to make it his new home. He was found trying to enter the real estate company's building after all!