Monday, June 25, 2018


I fear that the traditional Catholic community has a double standard when it comes to homosexual scandals in the clergy. If they are perceived as progressive, such as Cardinal McCarrick, then they throw all kinds of slander and ugly commentary at him. But if traditionalist, they make excuses or are more willing to forgive.

I happen to believe when a bishop, priest or deacon commits a mortal sin with consensual sex partners, no one under age or under their authority, that is, that there should be efforts to address the dysfunction, the mortal sin and if possible to seek rehabilitation and reintegration into the priestly life as long as the sexual behavior has ceased. I do think it wise that the offending cleric not remain in the parish where it was discovered he was in mortal sin.

Homosexual promiscuity is a bit more problematic since it is disordered and could be compulsive. At least there is the normalcy of hetersexual sex that may not include additional pathologies. So Church authorities should not be swayed by the homosexual lobby or give into political correctness.

But not all homosexual priests are inclined to pathologies and often live quite exemplary priestly lives never giving into chronic mortal sin with same sex partners.

I don't know what the issues are for Fr. Phillips. I do think there should be some transparency because he is a nationally known figure in Church circles.

But his rights have to be respected and if he wants to ride into the obscure sunset without any more noteritety than he has a right to that.

I do not believe that Cardinal Cupich is taking revenge on Fr. Phillips or his parish. That kind of rumor, slander and libel needs to cease in the traditional Catholic community. 


rcg said...

I missed something. Inrhought the entire case against Fr Philips was tossed out while the Cardinal wrecked several seminaries and destroyed the lives of accolytes before crossing the line and molesting someone under an arbitrary age limit. Are you saying Fr Phillips actually had/has homosexual relationships but managed to keep them over age?

TJM said...


You may want to take a gander at this and then draw your own conclusions about Cupich:

Gene said...

Is another gay Priest really news?

Anonymous said...

If you think there is more compulsive sexual acting out among gays than straights, think again.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I see nothing in the statement of the provincial that implies wrongdoing. I am not sure why that is being implied?

As for Cardinal Cupich his actions towards Father Phillips are a mystery.

TJM said...


Are you speaking from personal experience?

ByzRC said...


I think everytime MT launches into one of his pax-filled rants about what has Pope Francis ever done to not follow church teaching, we should forward along your link. What he did was appoint and install those who don't follow Church teachings.


Anonymous said...

Father, I usually understand and agree with your posts over these many years (even when your sentence structure sometimes misses the mark. (-:
But this post is a head-scratcher for me. I just don’t get the point/points you are making, and it seems you are throwing out generalized accusations that just don’t jibe with anything I’ve heard, read or experienced. But, then, I did swim laps today, so perhaps my head is full of water and brain not functioning?

Henry said...

Have I missed something? Has evidence been revealed of Fr. Phillips doing something wrong? Other than developing one of the nation's exemplary parishes and leading the restoration of the sacred in an archdiocese whose new ordinary has a different agenda. If not, is someone guilty of slander here?

Henry said...

Letter from Fr. Phillips canon lawyer to Card. Cupich:

Charles G said...

They concluded no evidence of wrongdoing, but then sacked him anyway without explanation. Seems unjust to me.

TJM said...


Good point but MT's powers of comprehension are limited.

Cupich is the intellectual and spiritual inferior of the late Cardinal George. He is a glorifield left-wing social worker masquerading as a Catholic priest and is destabilizing the Archdiocese. Cardinal Mundelein must be turning in his grave.

Oakes Spalding said...

With respect, Fr., you're completely wrong on this one. Here in Chicago, we're doing all we can to get the truth out, not cover up.

Православный физик said...

The Cardinal of mercy...TM ;)

Anonymous said...

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