Thursday, April 19, 2018


From the Vatican Insider!

Here, Cardinal Marx is exclaiming, "What the....!" but in the German language and tradition of Fr. Martin Luther:

Eucharistic hospitality in Germany, towards a meeting in Rome

The German Bishops’ Conference denies press reports over a Vatican rejection of the pastoral handout approved during the Spring Assembly
The German Bishops’ Conference denied, through its spokesman, press reports according to which the Vatican had rejected the document on Eucharistic hospitality for the non-Catholic spouse of couples belonging to two different Christian denominations, usually Catholic and Protestant. On this issue - a case far from rare in Germany and a theme on which the Church defines her very presence in today’s society - a meeting in the Vatican will soon be held at the Pope’s request.
...... Today, a new chapter adds to the affair. On the Austrian wesite, first, and then in other media there is news that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith led by Monsignor Francisco Ladaria would have rejected the German proposal in a Pope-approved letter.  
In a note issued at the beginning of the afternoon, the spokesman for the bishops, Matthias Kopp, summarized and specified: first of all, “regarding the letter of seven members of the German Bishops’ Conference to various departments in the Vatican and Cardinal Reinhard Marx’s reaction to his confreres, the president has informed the Bishops’ Conference. Cardinal Reinhard Marx has also informed the departments in the Vatican about his reaction”.

Secondly, “the members of the German Bishops’ Conference had until Easter to propose modifications (”ways”) to the resolution approved during the Spring Plenary Assembly in Ingolstad on the above-mentioned document. The reports received were incorporated into the document, the final version of which - as decided by the plenary assembly - is established by the president of the Episcopal Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith, the president of the Episcopal Commission for Ecumenism and the president of the German Episcopal Conference. Marx will inform the Permanent Bishops’ Council on the state of affairs at the meeting on 23 April. The document was not sent by Marx to the Vatican. More than two thirds of the members of the German Bishops’ Conference approved the document as a pastoral handout”.

The President of the German Bishops’ Conference has accepted the Holy Father’s wish to hold a debate in Rome on the subject. Marx expressly welcomed the Holy Father’s desire” Matthias Kopp says.

Finally, “news that the document has been rejected in the Vatican by the Holy Father or by the departments are false”. 


TJM said...

the German Church, supported by state taxes, is dying. Ignore them. They have NOTHING to teach us.

ByzRC said...

Let them go talk to whomever they want as their protestant leanings continue to help along their death spiral toward irrelevance. I'm so glad my faith experience isn't occurring in Germany relying on that type of leadership (very small 'l') as a guide. They are attempting to form their own version of the Church away from Peter (rock).

Dan said...

Rejected under current form, but awaiting "vaguing up" by the official papal ghostwriter.

Charles G said...

As I believe Evelyn Waugh said somewhere, the Germans should be forced to wear sackcloth and ashes for all they’ve done to the Church...

TJM said...

The more I look at Cardinal Marx's picture, I see a Beer and Brat vendor in Munich!