Sunday, April 22, 2018


Has the Ordinary Form Roman Ritual added the incensation of those to be ordained priests and bishops to the Initial Rite of the Ordination Mass? Or is it just an idiosyncratic practice by Pope Francis??????? 


Anonymous said...

If I were those “priests” I would always doubt whether or not I was really ordained a priest.

I mean Francis has said so many outrageous things, like denying the existence of Hell etc. who the hell knows what he believes or thinks. I wouldn’t trust him to teach religion to 1st graders. Who can really be sure that he had the intent as the Church has always taught to ordain these men priests. Who can be sure that he believes in the sacrament of Holy Orders? Am I the only one who questions the Catholicity of that man. Does he believe in God as the Church has always uunderstood God, or does he believe in some crazy 1960’s weird Jesuit hippie “spirituality” about the cosmos or something. Who knows with this guy. I don’t trust him and I wouldn’t follow his teaching for all the money in the world. I don’t trust him.

Louie said...

So.. Anony @ 10:29 AM - you say you question the validity of a sacrament (saying "if" you were one of those priests) based on the state of the one conferring it. Wow. And then after making a heretical statement like that, you go on to question someone else's "catholicity"? Kettle = black. Nice protestant theology there.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church teaches that valid sacraments require valid Matter, Form and Intention. I’m not the one who is a heretic, I never denied the existence of Hell. I’m not a protestant, I never said that people living in sin were really married. Francis said those things. He is a lot of things but Catholic doesn’t seem to be one of them. And 2 + 2 NEVER equal 5.