Thursday, April 19, 2018


Defining The Truth In Your News

fake news
The only thing more frightening than a revolution- is not knowing one is going on.
Praytell is apoplectic about this news as is Cardinal Marx and the German Bishops' Conference who calls Kath news fake news but it doesn't seem so:

This is a google translation of German and tortured English as are my posts written in Italian and google translated into English for my readers:

Last week, the letter from seven German local bishops, including the Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, caused a stir. These had turned to Pope Francis with a request for clarification on this issue. has reported.

The emeritus curia cardinal Paul Josef Cordes had previously stated that the "initiative of the Episcopal Conference" could not claim to be "theologically covered."

The German Bishops' Conference (DBK) has, after a inquiry, how the DBK responds to the question whether the DBK guideline on inter-communion was rejected by Pope Francis, meant that a "rejection of the guidelines" was not known. Matthias Kopp, spokesman for the DBK, told that there is no final text yet. The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Bernhard Kellner, says after a request only: "You have to sit up an error message. There is no help yet. "

Meanwhile, other Catholic media, including the National Catholic Register and the CNA, who have also requested directly from Vatican sources, confirmed the information from

Particularly explosive is the revelation of the Vatican journalist Edward Pentin. The usually well-informed journalist reports on Twitter, citing Vatican sources, that Pope Francis did not want the congregation's rejection of the proposal of the German Bishops' Conference to be publicly known. Pentin later reports to the National Catholic Register, citing high-ranking sources from Germany, that the letter is a rejection of the pastoral plan. Here there would be no difference between Archbishop Luis Ladaria, the present Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and his predecessor, Gerhard Kardinal Müller.

Also interesting is the "language regulation" of the DBK agency KNA. This one said last night in one of the report first that the DBK had rejected a report by to receive communion for Protestant spouses. Later, the KNA then writes that there are "different voices" in Rome, claiming that the Vatican's attitude does not amount to a "flat rejection", but rather to "a remedy." According to KNA, this should be "however discreet". The KNA even claims that the concern of the German bishops is therefore "based on understanding".

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