Thursday, September 26, 2013


This is an excerpt from the National Chismatic Reporter (NCR) about the former Rev. Fr. Greg Reynolds who was excommunicated and laicized by Pope Francis, Supreme Pontiff, because he has basically professed becoming a post-Catholic by actively promoting women's ordination and unchastity for gays and others:

"Pope Francis, Supreme Pontiff having heard the presentation of this Congregation concerning the grave reason for action ... of [Fr. Greg Reynolds] of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, all the preceding actions to be taken having been followed, with a final and unappealable decision and subject to no recourse, has decreed dismissal from the clerical state is to be imposed on said priest for the good of the Church," read the document, signed by Archbishop Gerhard Muller, prefect for the congregation, and his secretary, Jesuit Archbishop Luis Ladaria.

Excommunication refers to the severest measure of censure for Catholics and forbids an individual from participation in any eucharistic celebration or other worship ceremonies; the reception or celebration of sacraments; and holding any ecclesiastical or governing role in the church.

The document, dated May 31 -- coincidentally Reynolds' 60th birthday -- provided no reason for the excommunication. However, a separate letter sent Friday from Hart to his archdiocesan priests indicated Reynolds' support of women's ordination was a primary reason.

"The decision by Pope Francis to dismiss Fr Reynolds from the clerical state and to declare his automatic excommunication has been made because of his public teaching on the ordination of women contrary to the teaching of the Church and his public celebration of the Eucharist when he did not hold faculties to act publicly as a priest," Hart wrote.

But Reynolds said he believes the excommunication also resulted from his support of the gay community. He told NCR that in the last two years, he has attended rallies in Melbourne advocating same-sex marriage and has officiated at mass weddings of gay couples on the steps of Parliament -- "all unofficial of course."

"My motivation is trying to encourage reform and clear need for renewal in the church," he said. "I still love the church and am committed to it, I'm just trying to bring about in my own little way to help highlight some of the failing and limitations," he told the Standard newspaper.

Since Francis began his papacy in March, he has twice pointedly stated his alignment with church teaching on women's ordination.

MY COMMENTS: I will have to agree that sometimes the way Pope Francis speaks, especially off the cuff, can be interpreted in so many ways by whoever wants to spin him. Certain "the big interview" opened itself to that if on did not read the whole thing or took certain things out of context. This also happens, by the way, with the reading of the Bible and also Church teachings, not to mention the Second Vatican Council documents. The ones who normally twist these to their advantage are post-Catholics who don't like the Church of the ages, but rather want something like liberal Protestantism symbolized by the Episcopal Church in the USA.

I have said that Pope Francis is conservative docrtrinally and accepts all that the Catholic Church teaches for he is a son of the Church. He's said that too!

I have said the Pope is pastorally liberal. But with this excommunication, I think we can reconsider that. Let's see what happens in Austria with the post Catholic priests' movement there and it's leader.


Unknown said...

I cannot understand this idiocy. Why do these liberals insist they "love the church" but want to change it? Why are they acting surprised and crying when the hammer is brought down? They probably don't believe in the Resurrection, Real Presence, etc. but at the end of the day they whine when the Church finally cuts them loose.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak!!!