Thursday, September 5, 2013


These comments are incredible given the fact that Representative Nancy Pelosi favors the killing of children through abortion, millions and millions of them in this country alone, and even favors partial birth abortion if the women so chooses to do so. I won't criticize Pelosi for her moral outrage in the gassing of innocent children, at least she has a part of her morality correct, even if these children were inconvenient to Assad's rule in Syria! But Mrs. Pelosi, can't you see what is going on in your own womb, the wombs of other mothers and the millions of children killed by your pro-choice laws?

Keep in mind, the most pro-abortion president in the history of the USA also used similar words concerning those poor children killed by gas because President Assad chose, yes, chose, to do so. Mr. President, don't you see you duplicity too? Your hypocrisy? Your inconsistent morality with it comes to the killing of innocent children?


Gene said...

Discussing Pelosi and that tribe of moral midgets is like discussing why hogs get muddy. A complete waste of time.

qwikness said...

So she's saying, "I'm going to explain this to you in terms that a child can understand."

George said...

It is Cognitive dissonance in the extreme

Inexplicable and perplexing.

It also brings up the paradoxical situation that one reads about where a pregnant
woman is assaulted, and because of that, her unborn child dies and the perpetrator is subsequently
charged with homicide.
Yet if that same woman were to have an abortion, it is totally acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I must express to you that I find it most odd, in view of recent ecclesial scandals, for a Catholic priest to be writing on the topic of hypocrisy. Indeed, one might rightly assume that the most inveterate feature of Catholic clergy is hypocrisy as played out in recent scandals of the flesh. Before you react as to discount my words, only think of those accounts with which you are keenly familiar within your own cohort. Is not your own presbyterate such an example, sustaining and nourishing its own strife by a litany of misconduct? In public eyes, then, they rightly thus appear to have been given more than their meed of sinfulness engaging in various material activities all of which contribute to their immense shame. But there is one point, and this a most important feature, which sharply distinguishes such clergy from the faithful. The priest, incorporated into the presbyterate for sake of prestige, power and treasure, must place allegiance to his institution above any concern for truth, justice and decency. He then becomes ineffably evil, most hideous and foul in his motives. Almost without exception, he is spiritually defunct in only a short time and then works to make others so.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

While not disagreeing with you about priests who give scandal, who are sinners, and we all are, by the way, all in need of God's mercy, especially those who enable grave sin such as abuse of children and teenagers, and the murder of innocent children in the womb, I didn't see anything you wrote that corresponds to this post about the slaughter of innocnents and politicians, Catholic ones, who enable it with their pro-choice drivel.
CNN was happy to show the slaugher to children in Iraq. Would they be so eager to do so with showing what actually happens in abortion clinics, especially with partial brith abortion. This type of hypocrisy, whether from a Catholic priest, politician or lay person is beyond justification which you seem to be doing in shifting the discussion away from condemnning sin, any sin, because some priests are scandalously so. It just isn't logical and doesnt' make sense. I ask you to reconsider.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I should have written slaughter (gassing) of children in Syria, not Iraq.