Sunday, September 29, 2013


Several years ago I had orthoscopic surgery on my right knee for a torn miniscus. Ever since I still have problems with stiffness and inflammation. This has increased in the last year.

Prior to leaving for Rome, I tripped over a vacuum hose and twisted my knee, causing more inflammation. Once I got to Rome I slipped in on the bathroom floor exacerbating the inflammation and made the knee go out of alignment. In Assisi I further twisted it going up an escalator from the parking lot as I turned to speak to a priest and didn't realize we were at the top landing.

My knee was absolutely killing me in Assisi, especially walking downhill. By this point the joint was not working properly and clicked with every motion. I was seeing stars and living off of Motrin.

I have been walking a lot but with less pain, but the clicking knee was driving me nuts. I've walked about 20 miles here in Naples. On Friday I prayed at the cathedral's Saint Januarius chapel that my knee get better, because in Italy you have to walk!

On Saturday after walking miles, I was on Naples' waterfront and hit with my right foot, head on, a protrusion on the side walk I did not see. It sent what felt like an electric shock up my leg to the knee as I almost completely tripped and fell before stopping myself from doing so. I was embarrassed because people saw me trip and almost fall.

I thought to myself that now the knee would be even worse, but NO! From that point on the knee went back into proper alignment and no longer clicks and I don't see stars going downhill or down steps! I always have pain in the knee even while in bed, but not last night!

Thank you Saint Januarius for sending me directly into that sidewalk protrusion! I prayed for a healing to test your powers and you showed me!

Above is the chapel of Saint Januarius where I prayed on Friday for my knee and below is the sidewalk where I tripped and was healed!


Anonymous 2 said...

I am delighted that your knee is better after that somewhat unconventional healing. I did not know you had that problem, but I do know how incapacitating such conditions can be. From now on, just be careful and watch your step so you don’t mess it up again! Otherwise Saint Januarius may have to make you do something even more undignified, like falling into a hole, to fix it. =).

Carlo said...

I am delighted your knee is better Father! I have to admit though, reading this story I had something of a charlie Chaplin reel going on in my mind eye.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It was a Charlie Chaplain moment and only byy guardian angel did I not fall flat on my face which now almost 60 would not be a good thing! And then to have the knee function properly by going completely back into joint was unbelievable! While the knee is a bit sore from all the walking I did when it was out of joint too, it really is back to normal, amazing!

John Nolan said...

If rumours are correct and Piero Marini is to be made Prefect of the CDWDS then not only you, but all the rest of us are going to need good knees as we pray for a short pontificate. Reform of the Curia? Forget it.

George said...

God in His mercy (via St. Januarius intercession?) looks after the Knee-dy and the needy.
It was an uncoventional medical procedure to be sure but God works in mysterious ways.

Ortho Georgia said...

The miracle seems to be that, with your penchant for clumsiness, you haven't broken a hip yet... Do be careful!

Anonymous said...

Glad to here your knee is better, Father.

Your story of mishaps reminded me of the time I stepped off a curb in Manhattan and a baker's cyst behind my kneecap ruptured. The pain was intense and it was only a sense of self-preservation that enabled me to hop across the street on one leg until I safely arrived on the other side. Then I sat down on the sidewalk and groaned and didn't care who saw me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe in miracles, deo gratias!

I was in Lourdes some years ago. I had a painful ganglion on the back of my hand that was troubling me. I had had it for some years. I washed my hands in the water, praying that any bodily problems would be healed, not thinking specifically of my hand. A few days later in Fatima I noticed it was gone and it has never come back.

I am rather a conservative person, can't even bring myself to cheer on the horses. At the grotto of Lourdes on seeing the statue of Our Lady, I felt like an electric current go through my body and immediately knelt down in prayer in public ... I often wonder if that is when this cure took place and of course I may have had other ailments I wasn't aware of. Lourdes is a beautiful peaceful place I hope to return to some day.