Saturday, July 13, 2013


In the spring, Macon was making movie magic once again. Recall that the movie "42" which was a box office success was made in part in Macon and up the street from the Church.

Well after that, another movie, still in post production to be released in early 2014, "Need for Speed" was filmed in part in Macon on Interstate 75 and downtown streets of Macon.

In fact, I sat on the open air balcony of our rectory as there was some filming from the sky and as the camera on the helicopter came by I waved up! I hope I don't end on the floor of the cutting room!

A night scene with St. Joseph Church theatrically lighted should be included in the movie for which we were paid!

But since the Holy Father is concerned about frugality, some might call him "cheap" I think the cars in this new movie are prefect for Kingdom Values seeking priests!

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