Monday, July 29, 2013


The subtitles in English are very accurate in terms of what the Holy Father is saying. This is worth watching. I wish the whole interview could be found with the excellent English translation. In terms of the Gay comments, he refers us to the CCC. You can't go wrong there. The Holy Father is correct in not wanting to marginalize homosexuals, yet he refers us to the CCC for a fuller understanding of what the Holy Father believes. Homosexual persons are called to chastity. ”Francis, who cited the Catechism in his answers to reporters, said nothing to contradict this. Asked for his position on gay marriage, he answered: “You know perfectly the position of the Church.”

He also had the temerity to say that The Most Blessed Mother is higher than any bishop, priests or deacon! Ouch! But he is right, and he is also right in saying that women cannot be ordained to Holy Orders, it is definitive and the door is closed!



Unknown said...

My non-Catholic, liberal friend has already texted me with a link to a CBS article. I replied with, "um... yeah, that's what every Pope's been saying since ever."

Some people have the strangest notion that the Church hates homosexuals. In fact, I'd posit the Church is arguably the most accepting place for homosexuals. Those who don't want to be known just for their sexual orientation, or want to remain celibate and chaste are often treated badly by the "I-just-want-to-be-accepted" Alphabet Community. Luckily, the Church demands they be treated with respect.

John Nolan said...

A man with homosexual tendencies might be drawn to the priesthood or the religious life for two reasons. 1) Because an all-male environment gives him the opportunity (and cover) to indulge his sexual proclivities with those of like mind. Now that homosexual acts are decriminalized and indeed regarded by many as morally acceptable, such cases should theoretically be fewer. 2) Realizing that he might have homosexual proclivities a man might choose to enter the one profession where sexual continence is mandated. The poet-priest Gerard Manley Hopkins took a personal vow of chastity even before he joined the Jesuits, and most commentators have interpreted this as resulting from an awareness that he might have had homosexual tendencies.

I think we ought to scotch the argument that homosexual acts, in particularly sodomy, are sinful only insofar as they exist outside marriage, and are therefore on a par with pre-marital heterosexual contact or masturbation. The 1962 instruction 'Crimen Sollicitationis' identified the 'foulest crime' (crimen pessimum) as homosexual acts, bestiality, and sexual abuse of minors, male or female. Although the instruction applied to clerics, it is a good indication of the gravity with which the Church views homosexual acts.

"Church equates gay sex with bestiality and paedophilia" would make an interesting, but accurate, headline.

Gene said...

Up until the liberals and PC crowd got hold of the DSM (catalog of clinical disorders) in the 70's, homosexuality was considered to be at least a character disorder.

John Nolan said...

Paedophilia, as properly understood, viz. a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children, is increasingly being regarded as a sexual orientation rather than a mental illness. Bestiality is less a sexual orientation than a case of 'faute de mieux'. It was quipped that when the Welsh Regiment left Brecon Camp for service overseas the band played 'Sheep May Safely Graze' (JS Bach).

Anonymous said...

"One of the amendments that was of greatest impact was the permanent removal of the category "Homosexuality" from the DSM-II. The change was originally made upon the publication of the seventh printing of the DSM-II in 1973, following a vote by the American Psychiatric Association earlier that year . The decision was provocative (if not controversial) within camps of both advocacy and antagonism: in the former because it was contended (and in retrospect rightly so) that the earlier classifications of homosexuality-as-disorder were largely shaped by politically and socio-culturally contingent notions of deviance, rather than scientific corroboration [13], and in the latter because it was claimed that the change was based on consensus between figures representing "expert opinion" and Gay Rights' lobbying efforts."

from: A brief historicity of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Issues and implications for the future of psychiatric canon and practice by Shadia Kawa1 and James Giordano

Gene said...

John Nolan, re: "Sheep May Safely Graze." You're killin' me...stop it. LOL!!!!

Anon, Political and socio-culturally contingent notions of deviance? LOL! I would say that playing pink train in the mud tunnel and catch the tonsil snake would be deviant in any culture...well, maybe not yours. LOL!