Thursday, July 25, 2013


AS the Holy Father made his way to his seat for the Welcome Festivities with over a million present, the Holy Father warmly embraced Msgr. Guido Marini, papal MC who looked happy and relaxed and seem to introduce the Holy Father to a priest friend or maybe his blood brother, I don't know, but they resembled each other. Msgr Marini is a wonderful MC and I think the Holy Father knows and appreciates this!


Joseph Johnson said...

That's a very nice altar with a gradine for the candlestands. Did the Pope offer Mass on that altar as well?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

When I posted this, I didn't have a picture so chose the one of the Benediction on Corpus Christi in front of St. Mary Major in Rome, I've changed it to the event last night where prior to it, the pope initiated a hug with Msgr. Marini and both were smiling widely and then Marini introduced the pope to his friend or brother, all smiling wonderfully, like they really liked each other.

Anonymous said...

Guido's friend/brother was at the Mass with the Bishops this morning too, walking in alongside the pope. Perhaps he's a new assistant MC (but he does look awfully like Guido!).

John Nolan said...

I don't know how much input Marini had regarding the papal WYD Masses - I suspect not much. Back in 2010 the organisers of the Newman Beatification Mass at Cofton Park had commissioned music similar to that which made JP II's open-air masses in 1982 resemble pop concerts. In some cases they even went to the same 'composers'. Nearer the visit there were reports of a stand-off between the organizers and Guido Marini. On the day we had the MacMillan Mass (setting the new translation), chant, polyphony, and traditional hymns. Marini also gave them the no doubt unwelcome news that Benedict would use Latin from the Preface dialogue to the Pater Noster.

He underscored his triumph by turning up in a rochet which was 80% lace. The man's a class act.