Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Apart from my Jesuit founded and built Church, Saint Joseph in Macon, GA, which had a solemn high low Mass with dozens of altar servers for the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Holy Father, Pope Francis also celebrated his order, the Jesuit's founder's feast and he wore ornate, gold vestments!


John Nolan said...

Two points. 1) Why has the Pope left off the pallium (assuming it's not in an item of baggage still going round the airport carousel)? 2) Why on earth do you need dozens of altar servers? A Solemn Mass requires only an MC, a thurifer and two acolytes. As usual, the Oratory will show you how it's done. You could push the boat out and have a crucifer and half-a-dozen torch-bearers, but that would still only come to eleven.

Marc said...

Father, your Church made it into The Vortex! I think it's Fr. David's head, though.

Go to the 5:47 mark of the video above.

Joseph Johnson said...

I'm sorry, I feel compelled to bring this up:

Check out the article on "New Liturgical Movement" entitled "Liturgy and Evangelism, Prince of Peace Parish in S.C." (the complete article originates with the "National Catholic Reporter" and is entitled, "Bible Belt Parish Builds God's Kingdom").

The article makes me want to move to the Greenville, S.C. area! We need parishes like this in our Diocese--this is EXACTLY what we need! The big question is how can we make this happen in our Diocese of Savannah? Would Bishop Hartmayer be as tolerant as Bishop Guglemione of Charleston?

This is a very exciting possibility but it is also very discouraging if the Bishop and most of our priests won't agree to implement such a program (especially as to liturgy). What are your thoughts, Father McDonald?

Joseph Johnson said...

My brother, John, and I are still waiting for the Episcopal Gloves . . (I know, I know, probably unlikely in this Papacy).

Anonymous said...

--From N.Y. Times Op-Ed, an interesting piece by Ross Douthat, "Conservative Catholics and the New Pope":

"A number of Catholics of my acquaintance are resistant to the idea... that there might be real daylight between the new pontiff’s emerging program and the approach of his two predecessors. In their view, the possibility that Francis intends to be a social-justice pope who deliberately soft-pedals debates over doctrine and morals is just a media creation, reflecting press caricatures of the church’s divisions rather than Francis’s actual statements and intent.
They might be right: I don’t think anyone can doubt that Francis differs from Benedict XVI stylistically and liturgically, but beyond that sweeping conclusions are as yet unwarranted."...

He ends by saying:
"So popes are not all saints, and the pope isn’t identical with the church — and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for conservative Catholics to reckon with this fact."...

Hmmm, whew, a day of reckoning? What do you think?