Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I am at lunch and I am watching very briefly the soap, "The Days of Our Lives" and all the actors look like they have been to the same plastic surgeon and receive gallons of Botox in their faces. Women have frozen looks weird  noses, duck, puffy lips as though stung by a bee and did I write frozen faces?

Do people find this mannequin look attractive? It looks like mutilation to me! .

Is this a mortal sin?


TJM said...

I don't know if it's a mortal sin, but it is plain silly.

Belladonna said...

Watching soap operas probably is a mortal sin.... ALL of the companies who advertise on them support abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Leviticus bans both tattoos and piercing, but is silent on Botox and another "surgical implants."

Anonymous said...

“Do people find this mannequin look attractive?” I’ve no idea as I don’t watch those shows, and don’t know anyone who does.

“Is this a mortal sin?” No, but watching those shows probably is soul-destroying activity.

Fr., I’m a little worried about how your HHI retirement time is going to go...(-:

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think everything about the way men and women look today is terribly unattractive.

The other night I watched a movie--title not important--that took place around 1900. I was struck by how nice everyone looked in the period costumes. The leading lady was breathtakingly beautiful. I looked her up on the internet movie database and was shocked to see that she was just another regular on the cover of the tabloids, normally dressed scantily, smeared with eye makeup, and hair ironed to flatness. Men too are all supposed to wear form-fitting attire now too. Why? Evidently, dignity has given way to "looking hot". Too hot for me. The pants that are offered off the rack to men make me sing soprano--if you get my drift.

Same goes for other period dramas. Look at pictures of the cast of Downton Abbey. Compare them in the period costumes and hairstyles with how they normally look. They ALL look better in period costume. It makes our current day and age look sad, sad, sad. What a pathetic time we live in.

Anonymous said...

The upstairs crowd in DA all had virtually unlimited funds and a platoon of servants to dress them, light the fires in their bedrooms before the posh folk awoke, carry every suitcase, valise, and hatbox, cook, sefve, and clesnup after every meal. Heck, they had servants to load their shotguns when out shooting pheasants and partridges.

The cast of DA spoke of how dreadfully uncomfortable their gear was. The more formal things got, the more pinching, squeezing, chafing, and constricting the clothes were.

Is that really what we want to return to?

rcg said...

FrAJM, now ypu know two things: 1) yes, they have television in Hell, and 2) what is showing.

Anonymous said...

My comment about Downton Abbey wasn't meant to instigate a campaign of class-warfare or suggest that our clothes need to be uncomfortable, but even the actors who played the SERVANTS look better in their period outfits than in their modern dress.

I am not suggesting we should wear the same styles as the 1920's and 30's either. What I AM suggesting is that something is terribly amiss in the world of fashion. Sometime in the 1960's the love of casualness turned into an obsession.

Do you have any female children? Just TRY to take a little girl to a store today and find clothing that is modest. It takes a great effort. Try to buy some jeans for a little girl. Already they are trying to teach these poor kids that they need to look "sexy". with carefully crafted tears in the fabric and waistlines so low that they're not really waistlines at all. Off-the-shoulder or cut open in the shoulder blouses might be one thing if you are 22 years old and want to go in that direction, but why are they marketing this stuff to 10 year olds?

You think men were uncomfortable in suits in the 1930's? Try to buy a suit today! Long-rise pants are a thing of the past. Pants are now skin-tight and squeeze the scrotum. Suit coats, blazers and sport coats are almost form-fitting. Is this so that people who have time to live in the gym can show off? Who knows. If you think that's more comfortable than the way people used to dress, then, well, you're a thinner man than I--and I'm not even obese.

Anonymous 2 said...

Anonymous at 12:06 p.m.:

Less fabric ► less manufacturing cost ► more profit :-)

rcg said...

A2, I wish that was the only reason. I am convinced it is the societal goal to desensitize young girls, barely todlers, to being sex objects.

Anonymous 2 said...


I was of course attempting humor while perhaps identifying one among what is likely a whole host of reasons.

As a dedicated non-follower of fashion, it has always astounded me how people are persuaded into shelling out more dollars for less fabric or for torn fabric in the latest “fad.” It all seems like some bad practical joke at best or some dastardly fraud at worst. But then so does shelling our even more dollars for the “latest” version of [name your gadget] which has a bigger, yellow button, when until it appeared on the market people were satisfied with the smaller, blue button on the previous version.

This said, I am told that my preferences are just that, and others’ preferences are different. Nevertheless I cannot escape the thought that perhaps one difference between consumerist capitalism and directive communism is that under communism state planning miscalculates the amount of fabric needed and produces shoddy products, which the overtly controlled population is unhappy about, whereas in capitalistic “free markets” corporations persuade the covertly controlled population to pay willingly for the same result_and_to be happy about it. Amazing!