Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Dissidents like to call Jesus' and thus the Church's moral teachings ideals rather than perfections, because in this life no one attains perfections, thus the term ideals is better.

But Jesus' and thus the Church's moral teachings aren't unattainable ideals, they are in fact attainable perfections. In this life, only partially, but in heaven completely realized. The Kingdom of God is already but not yet!

Dissidents only focus on what is attainable in this life and could not care less about the perfection of heaven to which every baptized Catholic is called.

That is sad, very sad! And you know what? IT ISN'T CATHOLIC!

Dissenters in the Church could not care less about the perfections of orthodoxy. They simply want good people, holding hands and singing Kumbaya--and they call this orthopraxis, what is what is truly important to them, not right belief (orthodoxy) Thus anyone can be save--universalism which they also promote. 


Cletus Ordo said...

Father, you have just nailed one of the major flaws of our watered-down post Vatican II, easy-going pseudo-Catholic culture.

However, I regretfully, and respectfully must point out an imperfection that you committed twice in your post and you have read this before, which makes it all the more frustrating.

The correct phrase is "COULDN'T care less."

If you could care less, then you are telling us that you care and, therefore, could care less.

If you couldn't care less, that means that you do not care, therefore it would be impossible to care less.

PLEASE STOP MISUSING THIS PHRASE! In the name of all that is good in our language, I beg you!

From all appearances, you couldn't care less that you are misusing this phrase, but I could care less, and so could many of your readers, but we don't so please stop!

with my fondest best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit off-topic, but Pope Francis gave a good talk on Monday to the Pontifical Academy for Life. Very unusual for me to agree and support what he said, but I do this: “Narcissim is a spiritual virus...and it’s contagious...”. I for one need to heed those words.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Ordo: Fixed, I think, with an addendum.

Anonymous said...

Now, will you correct the misplaced modifier error?

You write, "Dissidents only focus on what is attainable..."

No, they do not "only focus." They also write about, preach about, argue about what is attainable.

The phrase you want is, "Dissidents focus only on what is attainable..." thus placing the modifier, in this case "only," where it ought to be.

Cletus Ordo said...

Sorry for being such a stickler Father. It's because you're one of the bests priests we've got to turn to and I want you to look good!

Best wishes,

Fondest regards,

Victor said...

Fr McD:
You are right about dissidents wanting to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but that is the result of a much deeper issue. This is that truth for the Modernists evolves with the experience of man. This experience is prior to truth because it determines it. You see that in what Francis says about rigidity to rules and so forth. The ideal is traditionally meant to express universal truths, but if truth is found in experience, then ideals are abstractions that are subordinated to experience. The ideal as an abstraction cannot usually be reached in real life, but it may be something to aim for because what is more important is the experience of aiming for it rather than reaching it, just as the experience of holding hands and singing Kumbaya is more important than orthodoxy of doctrine.