Saturday, June 23, 2018


from Crux:

Ex-president of Ireland says baptism creates “infant conscripts”

Ex-president of Ireland says baptism creates “infant conscripts”

In this March 23, 2007 file photo, then-President of Ireland Mary McAleese poses with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. McAleese says she will not attend this summer’s World Meeting of Families in Dublin, which will feature Pope Francis, because it will be a “reinforcement of orthodoxy.” (Credit: Alberto Pizzoli, Pool/AP.)
LEICESTER, United Kingdom - Baptizing babies is a violation of their human rights, according to the former president of Ireland.
Mary McAleese, who served in the largely ceremonial role of president from 1997-2011, also said she would not attend the Aug. 22-26 World Meeting of Families taking place in Dublin.
She told the Irish Times the event, which Pope Francis will attend Aug. 25-26, will only serve as a “political rally” for the “reinforcement of orthodoxy.”
McAleese told the newspaper that by baptizing children before they have reached the age of reason, the Church is creating “infant conscripts who are held to lifelong obligations of obedience.”

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Robert Kumpel said...

"Lifelong obligations of obedience?"

Sounds like motto is "Non Serviam".

As Bob Dylan once sang:

"It may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody."

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Oh my gosh!!! Following that logic, a baby should have no citizenship by birth either, because it consigns them to obedience to the laws of that State until they come of age!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!!! What...what...what...SLAVERY!!!!

(The lunatics have taken over the asylum I fear. :-))

God bless.

Roseanne Roseannadanna said...

The Church Lady on SNL used to say, "Isn't that special."

rcg said...

National leadership is only attractive to fools.

George said...

Some distressing and disconcerting revelations from the Crux article:

-Ms McAleese is characterized as being a practicing Catholic. She holds a licentiate in canon law from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

-She is opposed to Church teachings on homosexuality and women’s ordination. ( Is someone with these views now considered a practicing Catholic in Ireland?)

-On her Yes vote in the May 25 referendum that removed pro-life protections for the unborn from the Irish constitution this is what she told the Irish Times: “My human right to inform my own conscience, my human right to express my conscience even if it is the case that it contradicts the magisterium, that right to conscience is supreme.” (Gnosticism anyone?)

George said...

If a conscience which is not correctly formed is the arbitor of your decisions on moral matters, know that its usefulness for making correct decisions on moral matters is contingent on one's spiritual state, and that separation from God, along with prideful self-confidence, affects its proper functioning . You have those today, as has always been the case, who decide what is sinful, not according to what God has revealed to mankind, but according to what in their prideful and darkened intellect and spiritual state is considered what by them is true and to be followed. What transpires in many today is a seduction of a corrupted conscience, which succumbing to the influence of the Evil one and his minions, accepts that which contradicts what is right and true.
Can you not look around and see what happens when man follows his own inclinations and false teachings? What human being of right mind would assert that the conscience is to be the arbitor of which of man's laws are to be obeyed? Is a person allowed to decide through the application of conscience whether to obey the law forbidding assault or that which proscribes theft? Or whether to obey traffic laws? How is one who would advocate for such any better than an anarchist? And how is one who would advocate for the primacy of conscience in making moral decisions any better than a pagan? Punishment is in waiting for those who disobey man's laws and likewise, unless there is repentance, forgiveness, and conformity to Divine law, sure punishment awaits those who disobey God's.

Gene said...

Conscience? "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked." Jeremiah 17:9
There is no human moral imperative that is not predicated upon corrupt premises...these premises being man's will and desire.
Even the strongest duty ethic, such as we find in Kant, is flawed at the outset.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago there was a news story about a parent that didn’t want to put an infants sex on the birth certificate because the child should choose that themselves. Global wackiness run amuck.

Charles G said...

This perfect representative of apostate modern Ireland and President Xi of China are on the same page. China is currently rolling out regulations outlawing children's participation in any religious activities, even in the official "above ground" Catholic Church.

Dan said...

I predict she'll soon be invited to the Vatican.

TJM said...

Here is a pretty lucid opinion piece on what is wrong with modern Catholicism:

Fake catholics who post here will disagree of course, but who cares what they think? The CHurch is in meltdown because of "thinkers" like them.

Anonymous said...

To put this in context, Ms McAleeses's son is homosexual. His 'coming out' just before the plebiscite on same-sex marriage was hailed by Ireland's media. Ever since she's been lashing out at the Rc church.

TJM said...

Slightly off topic be this shows how crazy and violent the left can be:

Anonymous said...

The violence of the President:.

Anonymous said...

If Steve Scalise wants to call for civility and respect, he should start by calling the Oval Office. 202-456-1414.