Wednesday, June 27, 2018



Cletus Ordo said...

Yes! I love that Church because it is nearly identical to the 1850's Church and the 1750's Church and the 1650's Church get the idea.

The Church represents God and His Goodness. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The solemn nonsense we have to ignore week after week just to attend Mass isn't going to go away until a generation of priests stuck in the 70's goes away.


TJM said...

Light years ahead of what we have now. And the Church did far more good, for far more people that the Church does now. Satan must have been in charge of Vatican Distaster II's implementation because the the results have certainly exceeded the Fallen Angel's wildest expectations. He even has suckers in the Clergy saying it is another "Springtime."

Anonymous said...

You will this incredible photographers photographs of a Savannah church:

Mark Thomas said...

"Traditionalists" such as Father Feeney insisted throughout the 1950s, that the Church was collapsing courtesy of modernism, involvement in the Ecumenical Movement, and the budding radical liturgical reform.

Father Feeney insisted throughout the 1950s that the majority of Catholics were ignorant of the Faith.

"Traditionalists" insisted also that throughout the 1940s and 1950s, seminaries were filled with communists, modernists, and homosexuals.

"Conservative/traditionalist" Randy Engel, via her book The Rite of Sodomy, has painted a bleak portrait of Pope Pius XII's pontificate. That is true, in particular, as said Pope's Pontificate unfolded throughout the 1950s.

I believe that Randy Engel and additional "traditionalists" are too harsh in regard to their very negative assessments of Pope Pius XII's Pontificate.

However, it is undeniable that throughout the 1950s (and years prior), the radical reform of the Church was underway.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Lol, thanks for the left-wing rant! Father Feeney was a bit of an outlier compared to now where we have apostates in the College of Cardinals who are all left-wingers like Marx and Kaspar. You really need to grow up and acquire comprehension skills and knock off the “ cut and paste” approach to life.