Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The implications from a purely theological context of Galileo's purely scientific approach as to what revolves around the earth would lead to the denigration of humanity as the crown and center of all He created.

Pope Francis recently made clear the Church is right theologically and the scientific approach turned into theology is dead wrong!

 God created the world and placed at its center man and woman – the human being – God created the world, with us at the center! But today, the world moves forward with man and woman not at the center of it. 

If I could ask you a question – and I don’t know if you can answer – but I’d like [you] to… you’ll do it? If today, man and woman aren’t at the center of the life of the world, what is at the center of all the world's movement now?

[Student: "Evil, money and power."]

[Pope:] There it is! Well done! “Evil, money and power,” eh? Good, thank you!

You understand evil, but then you said the two other words: “money” and “power” – money is the power. At the center of the world’s life today is God: not God the Father, but the Money God, eh? It’s all about the money....


G. Galilei said...

E pur si muove.

Rood Screen said...

Galileo was wrong insofar as he failed to convince the scientific community that his evidence proved his point. He was also wrong to claim that the Bible errs in its cosmology, even though the Bible does not even attempt to describe the orbital nature of the planets or sun.

The Church, always a promoter and defender of science, embraced the Copernican model as soon as it could be proved and accepted by the scientific community.

By the way, since he is a political revolutionary, we should be surprised that the pope places man at the center of his own cosmology.