Friday, May 26, 2017


If only we had observed Vatican II's minor and quite sober reforms and avoided a complete overhaul of the liturgies of the Church seeking to please the ecumenical gods' lowest common denominator for a united Christianity only to have the true God knock down the liturgists' self crafted Tower of Babel, what a springtime for the Church there might have been rather than what we got and deserved by following the false gods of the so-called Vatican II renewal!

By God's grace this is Future Church & Liturgy:

(I actually love this style. It also shows clearly the Catholic Trademark Arrangement of the altar that Pope Benedict tried to recover, moving us away from the Protestant trademark communion table of Catholic iconoclastic liturgists' more desirous of a dumbed down ecumenical liturgy than faithfulness to our Catholic Tradition and traditions!)

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Ryan Ellis said...

I don't think the 1960s organic changes would have retained "Gospel North."