Sunday, May 21, 2017


After Holy Communion, the Pope reached into his pocket, pulled out a folded sheet of paper and very deliberately unfolded it for all to see and named the new cardinals in a surprise announcement. From what I understand, those named had not be contacted about the naming!

In the new batch at this morning's surprise announcement is an auxiliary bishop. I wonder how his bishop feels about his auxiliary being a cardinal. Odd to say the least.   Of course priests who are not bishops have been named cardinals.

Pope calls consistory to create new Cardinals

Pope Francis announces new Cardinals during Regina Caeli - AFP
Pope Francis announces new Cardinals during Regina Caeli - AFP
21/05/2017 12:33
(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Sunday announced a consistory for the creation of new Cardinals. He made the announcement at the end of the Regina Caeli in St Peter’s Square.
The new Cardinals come from Mali, Spain, Sweden, Laos and El Salvador. The Consistory will take place on June 28th.

Find below the list of new Cardinal designates:

Archbishop Jean Zerbo of Bamako, Mali.
Archbishop Juan José Omella of Barcelona, Spain.
Bishop Anders Arborelius, Bishop of Stockholm, Sweden.
Archbishop Louis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun Apostolic Vicar of Paksé, Laos.
Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chávez - Auxillary Bishop in the Archdiocese of San Salvador, El Salvador.


rcg said...

Is he preparing the College to block a traditional Pope as his successor?

FJH 3rd said...

Without a doubt!

Anonymous said...

"Is he preparing the College to block a traditional Pope as his successor?"

Seriously, is that a gag question? If not, the answer is YES.

Gene said...

If this poseur loads us up with liberal/progressive Cardinals, the Church is done. It will be a clear sign that the Holy Spirit has moved on from Rome.

Servimus Unum Deum said...

Father AJM, I too share the fear of RCG, that Jorge as Pope Francis is using politics to stack the deck. I've seen this often enough in my country ofn Canada and I don't want this to poison the Church. Unfortunately there are too many shadows that follow this pope. One that stands out in my mind is the famous outburst at dinner at the Ordinay Synod on the Family, when my cardinal ++Collins and the other 8 official, 12 unofficial signatories of the letter to uphold orthodoxy with regard to the family.

As just one on many political moves I've seen in this pontificate, while I do not doubt that Matthew 16:18 will protect our Church from error, I do worry about what is happening politically and I can't be confident in what Francis is doing for my future and the future of the young people. If he is truly "stacking the deck," then I can't have hope in a future pontificate and can only pray the biological solution eliminates the majority of wayward clerics from the peak of Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

We can thank God that the future of the Church lies in the hands of the current new generation of orthodox young priests and seminarians, not in the hands of the passing older generation of priests and bishops who lost their way (and, unfortunately, led astray the majority of those in the pews). No present or future pope can prevent the inexorable return of tradition to the Church, and of the Church to Tradition. Only the details remain to be revealed.

L. von Pastor said...

Doesn't every pope prepare the college of cardinals to select a successor that might be pleasing to or favored by his holiness?

To think otherwise, or to belittle Pope Francis for doing what, I suspect 98% of his predecessors have done, is more than a little disingenuous, no?

Dom Yves said...

"No present or future pope can prevent the inexorable return of tradition to the Church, and of the Church to Tradition."

Once again, "Tradition" is misused. That which is the Tradition of the Church has never been exiled, never been repudiated, never been forgotten.

That which is tradition has been changed, developed, or surpassed.

There's a world of difference. Those who cling to tradition mistaking it for Tradition are, I fear, destined to chronic dissatisfaction, seeking that which cannot be attained.

Long live Pope Francis! Long live aggiornamento!

Rood Screen said...

Pastor Ignotus,

There's truth in what you say, but JPII and BXVI should be credited with giving a variety of personalities the red hat, with no single agenda possessing an electoral majority.

Dom Yves said...

Dialogus - How is it that you know these men so well, so intimately, they you know 1) that they are not a variety of personalities, or 2) that they have a single agenda?

The answer is, you don't. So, this conclusion you have reached about Pope Francis is based on nothing but your prejudices and your ignorance.

I long for the day when knee-jerk reactions are history, when people make statements based on facts, not fears and fictions, and when the ugliness of pre-judgment is a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "ugliness", that was my feeling upon seeing some students at Notre Dame's commencement walking out to protest the presence of the vice president. Something about "LGBTQ" rights...doubtless those misfits would have been cheering if Obama had been invited back to address graduates. Makes me wonder what kind of students supposedly "Catholic" institutions are admitting!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It is very unfortunate that Norte Dame allows an ideological secular view of sexuality to be on campus and spew forth what is immorality. Worse yet to show such contempt and disrespect to any invited speaker let along th Vice President. I disagreed with the inivitation of President O'Bama to speak because his agenda was to reshape Catholicism according to his party's ideological views. The foundation of all morality is respect and love for people--do unto others as you would have them to do you.

Rood Screen said...


I do not know a single one of these appointees, nor have I suggested that I do, and I have not criticized Pope Francis for appointing them.

Anonymous said...

L. von Pastor said..."Doesn't every pope prepare the college of cardinals to select a successor that might be pleasing to or favored by his holiness?"

Pope Benedict XVI's diverse appointments to the College of Cardinals prepared it to select as successor his doctrinally polar opposite Pope Francis. 'Nuff said?

rcg said...

some of the chatter about some of them is positive. I really wondered what people thought and, based on his treatment of some people and public statements where he was going. I think he wants a big tent Church and I certainly agree. But I am not sure they all need the same voice.

John Nolan said...

If you have not already done so, consult Fr Hunwicke's 'Mutual Enrichment' blog for a series of articles entitled 'Is the Pope a heretic?'

Read, learn and inwardly digest. Scholarship without polemic or invective. It will, if you take the trouble to understand it, prevent you from hitting the 'enter' button too soon.

And that applies to me as well.