Friday, May 12, 2017


Yes, that quote above I heard on Fox News this morning in one of the many babble interviews. The commentator, I only heard him but was not watching, said:

"Democrats have been worrying about Russia since 1917!"

At first I thought, why did he say 1917??????? There was no follow up question from the three great hosts of Fox and Friends--did they get it? I don't think so!

Your thoughts!

the video: go to minute 2:17 but the whole interview good!


qwikness said...

The Bolshevik Revolution, I'm sure.

Mikhailovitch said...

Tsar Nicholas abdicated in March 1917 and was assassinated with his family in July 1918.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The Bolshevik Revolution was in 1917--however seared in the minds of most American Catholics who up until the Democrat party betrayed Catholics beginning in the 1970's, were primarily Democrats as it best guarded the moral issues of the Catholic Church especially for workers, immigrants and being anti-communist is that Our Lady in 1917 at Fatima warned about Russia, asked that Russia be consecrated to the her and that we should pray for the Conversion of Russia. This went so far as having the Leonine prayers after Low Mass explicitly for the conversion of Russia--you had better beleive all of this was seared into the minds of Catholics up until the Second Vatican Council--Catholics who knew more about Fatima's message in 1917 and less so of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

qwikness said...

Does conversion of Russia mean to Catholicism or back to Christianity ie. Orthodoxy from Godless Communism?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Our Lady of Fatima would want the Russian to be in full communion with the Holy Father and for Russia that would mean the Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church in full communion with the pope, needless to say!

Marc said...

From a sermon by Patriarch Kirill on the Feast of Orthodoxy in 2016, addressing union with Rome: "I am here to protect the purity of the Orthodox faith and to oppose any heresy and any shame. We are obligated to protect Orthodoxy."

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on the Russian Orthodox to "submit" to Rome.

Mark Thomas said...

Fred Dutton, particularly via his work on the McGovern Commission, is the man most responsible for having driven millions of Catholics from the Democrat party. Fred Dutton was a very interesting figure in American corporate and political circles.

He was determined to radicalize the Democrat party to the point that he worked to destroy the pro-life Catholic voice that once upon a time informed the Democrat party.

He was instrumental in the creation of Earth Day.

Interestingly, despite his liberal political leanings and Earth Day mindset, he shilled for Mobile Oil and Saudi Arabian interests. He lobbied successfully to obtain shipments of armaments to Saudi Arabia.

Goodbye, Catholics

How One Man Reshaped the Democratic Party

By Mark Stricherz October 31, 2005

"In mid-1971, a short book called Changing Sources of Power: American Politics in the 1970s argued that the Democratic Party should loosen its historic ties with Catholics. The book acknowledged that “the Catholic vote” had consistently supported Democratic presidential candidates since the 1930s. Even so, it contended, the “party’s political self-interest” lay in appealing to other constituencies.

"The author of the book was Fred Dutton, who died last June. Though little remembered today, Dutton once enjoyed a kind of national prominence. In 1968, he managed Bobby Kennedy’s presidential bid and drafted the minority peace plank at the convention in Chicago.

"But nothing Dutton did was as influential and far-reaching as his work on a Democratic commission that ran from 1969 to 1972. Better known as the McGovern Commission, for its chairman, Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, the twenty-eight-member panel became the vehicle by which a handful of antiwar liberals revolutionized the Democratic Party."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

"Democrats have been worrying about Russia since 1917!"

Father McDonald, I heard him say the following:

"The Democrats haven't been concerned about Russia since 1917."

"...haven't been concerned."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Follow Pope Francis in Fatima:


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Speaking of Fatima...

"Traditional" Catholics who hate His Holiness Pope Francis, insist that he's an "antipope" (Pope Benedict is the "real" Pope...sure, right), but support Fatima to the hilt are in a bind.

They are unable to recognize Blessed Jacinta Marto and Blessed Francisco Marto as Saints as "antipope" Francis' canonizations are the illegitimate, empty acts of a "false" Pope.

Said folks are in major league bind.

Then there are "traditionalists" who play the preposterous "recognize but resist" game. That is, they claim that His Holiness Pope Francis is Pope. However, as he is a supposed "heretic," he lacks authority to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

He has ceased to be Pope, according to their absurd thinking.

Said "traditionalists", who are staunch supporters of Fatima, have rendered it impossible to recognize canonizations proclaimed by a "heretic."

They also are in a major league bind.


Our great and awesome God, via Our Lady of Fatima and tomorrow's canonizations, has demonstrated the folly...the vicious anti-Catholic thinking and actions of "traditional" Catholics who have rejected Pope Francis' authority to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

God has forced the collective hand of pro-Fatima "traditional" Catholics who insist that Pope Francis is a heretic who does not possess the God-given power to govern them.

To recognize Blessed Jacinta Marto and Blessed Francisco Marto as Saints, the "traditional" Catholics in question must, in turn, recognize the following:

1. That Pope Francis is orthodox as he has approved and will celebrate the canonizations in question.

2. That their anti-Pope Francis declarations are utter garbage...that they trafficked in satanic attacks against the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Francis.

However, the "traditionalists" in question cannot possibly do that as they will have condemned themselves. But...they are desperate to recognize Blessed Jacinta Marto and Blessed Francisco Marto as Saints.

God has called out the pro-Fatima "traditionalists" in question. He has exposed the folly of their refusal to submit to Pope Francis.

God has exposed the evil associated with the refusal of "Catholics" to submit to Pope Francis' God-given authority to teach. govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

God has exposed the sins of those who have trafficked 24/7 in vile, uncharitable attacks against Pope Francis.

God has revealed that Satan is behind the "traditional" "Catholic" movement that has insisted that His Holiness Pope Francis is a heretic who lacks the authority to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

Via Our Lady of Fatima, God has revealed that communion with Pope Francis is our ticket to the Truth as the Apostolic See has preserved the Catholic Religion immaculate.

Conversely, pro-Fatima "traditional" Catholics who have refused communion with Pope Francis have placed themselves in a major league bind. They have revealed the folly of their rejection of Pope Francis' authority to teach, govern, and sanctify them.


Mark Thomas

Cletus Ordo said...

I would hope you are not suggesting that all traditionalist Catholics are smearing the pope, because such is not the case. And it is possible to have concerns about this pope without "hating" him (do we have to use the most dramatic language possible to discuss our disagreements?) as alleged above.

My biggest concern about Pope Francis goes right to the heart of tomorrow's ceremony: Russia has still not been consecrated the way the Blessed Mother requested. Will Francis ever get around to doing it? So far, it doesn't look promising, but God can change things.

Russia's errors have spread and continue to spread throughout the world.

Thanks to Russia, the infamous Metz accord prevented any mention of Communism at Vatican II. (Could you imagine a symposium on the common cold where no doctor was permitted to discuss viruses?)

Russia is certainly not converted. Its state is ruled by a proven criminal and former KGB thug.

The Russian mafia has made the country more dangerous than when the communists were in charge.

Russia has one of the world's highest abortion rates.

Russia has one of the world's highest suicide rates.

Russians enjoy freedom to worship, but most still go to a schismatic church whose bishops were mostly KGB operatives and cooperators.

Roman Catholics face more restrictions than any other religious faith. Most of Russia's priests are from elsewhere and they cannot get visas for longer than 6 months in most cases.

Russia produces more child pornography than any other nation on earth.

If you think these are signs of a "converted" nation, then there's nothing left to discuss.

If you think we are enjoying the "period of peace" promised after Russia's conversion, you are fooling yourself.

I am glad to see Jacinta and Francisco Marto canonized. I hope Sr. Lucia dos Santos follows soon. But all the canonizations and dog-and-pony shows in the world will not erase the gravity of our situation. Our Lady promised a miracle of mass conversion if the pope would obey her. She's still waiting.

George said...

Cletus Ordo:

From what was revealed at Fatima :

“In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph,” Mary continued. “The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted and a period of peace will be granted to the world.” (notice that there is no mention of when or how long it would take for the conversion to be complete)

I have read that at the time, when some people heard these words, they were understandably perplexed at the mention of Russia. After all, it was considered to be a Christian nation. We learned and know now that what Our Lady was alluding to was the Communist revolution that would take control in that country. It would soon impose its atheistic philosophy on the people of that nation with the indoctrination of children, allegiance to the state over God,legalized abortion, easy divorce, the “liberation” of women, centralized government power and control,and other “errors", the lingering effects of which continue to plague the people there. These of course have spread around the world to many other nations including our own. The fact that the Roman Catholic Church exists today in Russia is a miracle in itself,despite the impediments you mentioned.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps it is a miracle, but not the miracle that Our Lady promised. She promised the CONVERSION of RUSSIA. The barely-getting-by existence of the Catholic Church in that vast country where Catholics are less than 1 percent of the population doesn't
convince me that Russia has been converted. The period of peace promised has yet to be realized too.

Which brings us back to one thing: Russia has NOT been consecrated in the manner that Our Lady asked us. The evidence points to Cardinals Sodano and Bertone as accomplices in a cover-up. Many of us are convinced that the coverup exists because the rest of the secret speaks of a great apostasy within the Church. If that IS the secret, it makes sense the leaders of the Church would want it kept hidden, as it would convict them. There has been no "new springtime", no "renewal", no "reform" in the Church. It has been a chaotic mess because in 1960, a certain pope decided not to obey Our Lady and reveal the secret as he was instructed. I am not questioning the personal holiness of that pope. Even very holy men can make mistakes. But we live with the consequences of that mistake today.

Our Lady later told Sr. Lucia dos Santos to tell the pope NOT to make the same mistake as the King of France--referring to the delay of the Kings of France in consecrating France to Jesus' Sacred Heart as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque had requested at Our Lady's insistence. The result of 100 years delay was the French Revolution. Today is May 13, the 100th anniversary of the first apparition. October 13 will be the 100th anniversary of the last apparition and Miracle of the Sun. May God have mercy on us if this pope continues to delay in doing his duty.

George said...

Anonymous @ 11:54 AM

In my comment, I quoted Our Lady of Fatima who said, " in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph" and "Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

Notice that she said, "in the end". I believe the conversion has started but
we do not know when it will be complete, and the era of peace will come-only that
Our Lady said it would.
It would indeed have been a great miracle if the conversion of Russia had happened
overnight, but to me no matter how and when it happens, it will still be a miracle.
Who foresaw the sudden collapse of the former Soviet Union? Yet this occurrence was something which would provide greater opportunity to facilitate the conversion of that nation.
Keep in mind also that we in the West need to be converted from the effects of the Communist philosophy and secular humanism on our own societies.

Cletus Ordo said...

Maybe you are right, but I am not convinced. I don't think Our Lady would gave made such a dramatic impression on those children and given us the greatest miracle in human history just so we could have a slow "incremental" conversion of a nation that is so vast and has caused so much harm in the world.

In the end, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart WILL triumph. That is the only thing that gives me hope.