Saturday, May 20, 2017


This photo captures the haughtiness of modern Catholicism and Catholics. It is a far cry from the humble physical attitude of a penitent communicant humbly kneeling to receive Holy Communion.

Who knows, and we don't know and shouldn't know, but maybe the prime minister of Canada, my father's birth place, went to confession for publicly and manifestedly enabling mortal sin in Canada and around the world, knowing that such an evil is wrong, and knowing this, doing so with foresight and political plotting and full consent of the will.

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rcg said...

I am not sure we should not know. Certainly the exact exchange in confession should be sealed only to the two mortals and God. But the nature of the sin may demand a public act. It may be to stop running the brothels, where your absence is a form of public contrition. It may be to stop stealing from the poor and defenseless, or even make restitution, an act that cannot go unnoticed. Did Trudeau publicly renounce his position on abortion and same sex marriage, or is he merely marching into the House of God to declare victory over Him?

Anonymous said...


Here's a small sammpling of Trudeau's values in these matters.

to Prime Minister Trudeau about "sexual and reproductive health programs"


Collins, Bishop Crosby lash out at Trudeau's overseas abortion policy


Liberal leader incorrectly asserts there is a Charter 'right' to abortion


Carol H. said...

His future actions will answer the question as to whether he went to confession with full purpose of amendment. We all fall, but if we honestly have a full purpose of amendment, we will progress towards holiness. Our actions reveal us. Lord, have mercy on us all.

rcg said...

I lived on the Canadian border during his father's tenure and got to hear a lot of the news. I am not very surprised. I enjoy Montreal, but many of the folks there try to out liberal each other until it is difficult not to laugh. I will note, however, it is mostly the Anglophones who are trying to prove themselves open minded. The Francophones are much easier to get along with. Meanwhile the good old boys in Ontario on the Bay are salt of the earth and fair minded. They, too, get terribly abused by political correctness.

For what is it s worth, his bishop is a coward.

Anonymous said...

"For what is it s worth, his bishop is a coward."

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Oh, really?