Friday, December 26, 2014


On Christmas Day evening at home in Augusta, Georgia, I'm watching the local news and I get a Christmas gift: my former parish and its pastor make the news. This Church has been on the same property in downtown Augusta since 1810! The new church in the video was begun in 1857 and completed and consecrated in April of 1863 in the middle of the War between the States. It is a half a block away from the childhood home of President Woodrow Wilson whose dad was the pastor of the church next door, First Presbyterian Church.

The newscaster or writer makes a couple of mistakes at the end. The Catholic Church in N. Augusta (across the Savannah River in South Carolina) is Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, not Our Lady Peace which also had Christmas Day Mass. Then she seems to indicate that Saint Paul United Methodist Church also had Mass. Interesting!


Gene said...

Yeah, a Methodist Mass…that would probably look like a cat drill team.

Jdj said...

Yes, she made several mistakes, but it was nice to see a story on Christmas religious worship. The other Catholic Churches in the area had to be a bit jealous!
That 10 am Mass has always been a favorite for us--quiet, reverent, "uncluttered". Yesterday's music was hauntingly beautiful with organ and guest oboist.