Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Amazonia: the women religious who "hear confessions"

The first briefing of the Synod hears about the experience of women religious in villages where priests visit very rarely. We cannot give absolution, they say, but we think of the comfort we bring that person
A 1943 western had a similar subplot:

The Ox-Bow Incident poster.jpg

The Oxbow Incident on Turner Classic Movies

Three innocent men are about to be lynched. One, a Mexican played by Anthony Quinn, asks for a priest to hear his confession. There is no priest and the Mexican asks a Mexican layman to hear his confession and take it to a priest. KOSHER?


rcg said...

I suppose the fellow at the end of the bar can hear my confession. Only a priest can give absolution.

Православный физик said...

Well, only a priest can provide;;;

Carol H. said...

If they call it confession, it is not kosher. If they call it counseling, then it is.

rcg said...

Two points for Carol!

Anonymous said...

A women who “hears” someone’s confession and cant absolve them is just um how do I put it........GOSSIPING! And any Catholic who makes a confession to someone who isn’t a priest is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is when is the Holy and Humble Francis going to do something about those horrid Chartreuse making, sour face pickle Christians, the Carthusians? They never DO anything. HH Francis needs to close their monasteries and send these guys out into the world where they can do some good. Or maybe he could turn their monasteries into welcome centers for the Muslim immigrants.

Also, since the Church now teaches that what once was seen as worshipping demonic spirits should now be incorporated into the liturgy, will ouija boards and seances have a chance to be included?

Peace y'all,


Anonymous said...

I think its fine provided the person hearing the confession brings it to the priest with the spirit of Vatican II. And the priest sends back a absolution in like manner.

TJM said...

I'd just as soon confess to my bartender than go through a mockery of the sacrament. Another Vatican Disaster II "success" story!

Anonymous said...

Well, as one of my deacons said, he can hear confessions, but of course can't pronounce absolution. And that is the way it should remain and be. If a deacon were to assume more and more of a priest's duties, then what would be the point of having the diaconate and priesthood separate offices? Thought I would not mind if one of these days, we actually had a homily preached by one of our deacons in 30327---it has been years since we last heard one!