Tuesday, October 29, 2019


The Washington National's pitching coach is Paul Menhart, a member of Saint Anne Church, my parish, here in Richmond Hill, Georgia. How cool is that. Of course I am rooting for the Nats!

How cool is that!!!!

Richmond Hill resident Paul Menhart part of historic rise with Washington Nationals


johnnyc said...

Had no favorite until the liberal Washington elite disrespected our Pro Life president.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Johnny C.---as if the president never disrespects us with inflammatory rhetoric. and he may not be as pro-life as some Catholics want---he favors the usual "3 exceptions"---rape, incest and life of the mother. But I guess we should root for the Astros because they are from "red" Texas---even though the state is slowly trending blue.

rcg said...

Anon, so that makes it OK?

Anonymous said...

Great win for Nats last night!

Anonymous said...

Well. rcg, we are in that era where civility has gone by the wayside....but the DC-Northern Virginia area is heavily Democratic these days so the fans are representative of that area. I say go Nats...and maybe I will be alive when the Braves make it to another World Series---hey, it has "only" been 24 years since they last won it!

Mark Thomas said...

Here is a wonderful 2014 A.D. story about our brother in Jesus Christ, Paul Menhart.

This man delivered windows following the end of his brief (as far as major league seasons are concerned) major league pitching career ended.

From having delivered windows to earn a living to major league pitching coach. Wow!

He was a minor league pitching coach when the newspaper story below appeared:


Syracuse Chiefs pitching coach Paul Menhart appreciates his leisurely journey through baseball

Posted May 13, 2014 By Lindsay Kramer

Syracuse, N.Y. — Syracuse Chiefs pitching coach Paul Menhart said he prays to Saint Monica every night.

She was a patron saint renown for her patience, an attribute that Menhart came by later in life but one that he appreciates more than ever now.

"I don't know if I was always that patient growing up,'' he said. "I had a wild side to me. I think it (patience) definitely got stronger as I got older.''

Menhart spent seven seasons in Triple A ball —including one with the Syracuse Chiefs — for a payoff of 41 major league games. His playing career was pockmarked by three arm surgeries, one Tommy John procedure and two on his shoulder.

Menhart liked the experience but figured that was the end to his career in his sport.

He went back to his home in Conyers, Ga., where he delivered windows. He'd come home with bloodied hands after repeatedly cutting himself on the product.


Mark Thomas