Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Actually, I would call this the reform of the manner in which the Modern Mass is celebrated. And it is a Mass that actually follows the rubrics of the Modern Mass with solemn options and with a look that is in continuity with the majesty and royal court-like qualities of the Traditional Latin Mass in its most solemn pontifical form, in other words, a foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven and its Majesty!

As an aside, as I have stated before, I do like modern architecture for churches when it is done well. I have been to San Francisco’s cathedral a few times and I find its “new’ cathedral to be stunning with many devotional areas in its spacious floor plan. 

I also love the ultra modern new Oakland Cathedral, a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco. 

I will add, though, that when the altar/sanctuary is set up in the traditional way, with the “Benedictine Altar Arrangement” it makes all the difference in the world in a modern structure. 

Finally, the only way to an actual reform of the Modern Mass and Eucharistic Renewal, isn’t through catechesis alone, but celebrating the Modern Mass as it is intended to be celebrated, reading the black and doing the red and with solemnity, devotion and traditional piety. Every bishop should make sure his parishes attempt what Archbishop Cordileone models for us. That is the way to a Eucharistic Revival!

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Bob said...

As for architecture, having never been in either church, I'll take your word for it that San Francisco and Oakland are modern, which is enough to discourage any further desire to look into their details.

They generally are modern utilitarian Bauhaus/Soviet copycat Vkhutemas creations, both with their emphasis on mass production, utilitarian, and mechanistic/dehumanising view of human nature and disdain of any deism, which concepts have no place in church architecture.

And quite opposed to the soaring, heaven-pointing graceful sweeping interiors of classical designs drawing eyes and hearts to heaven.

As for classic vestments and altar arrangements in modern settings, they are putting lipstick on a pig.

The USCCB manufactured "national" eucharistic congress, with its top down manufactured assorted PR campaigns, posters, committees, websites, kickoffs, pilgrimages, timetables, expensive venues inaccessible to average Catholics in the nation, etc is not far from Bauhaus...

and a huge yawner for most folk who assuredly will not be lining roadways for pilgrims or forming miles long cues to pay a fortune for tickets to a stadium event and equal fortune on inflated food, lodging, and souvenir junk.

Manufactured rallies are not the answer to what afflicts the Church today, and really are more a sign of what afflicts the Church today, which is empty external activity.