Friday, May 3, 2024


This story is filled with Catholic cowardice fomented by a Catholic LIte approach to the Church, her liturgy, her Scripture and Tradition and a 2,000 year heritage of proclaiming Christ and His Paschal Mystery which alone saves us from the fires of hell. 

These Catholic Lite Catholics have become like non-denominational Christianity. But make no mistake non-denominational Christianity is Protestantism in its various evolved forms. 

What Catholic Lite Catholics want is a “bleeding heart” Church, and not the Bleeding Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ! They want feel-good religion. They want comfort religion. They don’t want their conscience seared by the hard Truths of Jesus Christ who is Truth Himself!

When Catholic Lite Catholics hear and see true Catholicism, they can’t take it—it is a foreign religion to them. It confronts their coloring book Catholicism and scars them. It is too traumatic for them, especially the Sufferings of Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother. 

For the entire article click HERE on the Associated Press website!

Here’s a money byte:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — It was the music that changed first. Or maybe that’s just when many people at the pale brick Catholic church in the quiet Wisconsin neighborhood finally began to realize what was happening.

The choir director, a fixture at St. Maria Goretti for nearly 40 years, was suddenly gone. Contemporary hymns were replaced by music rooted in medieval Europe.

So much was changing. Sermons were focusing more on sin and confession. Priests were rarely seen without cassocks. Altar girls, for a time, were banned.

At the parish elementary school, students began hearing about abortion and hell.

“It was like a step back in time,” said one former parishioner, still so dazed by the tumultuous changes that began in 2021 with a new pastor that he only spoke on condition of anonymity.

It’s not just St. Maria Goretti.


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

It doesn't happen much anymore, but when people would ask, "Have you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?" I would respond, "More importantly, Jesus has accepted me."

Bob said...

Said another parishoner, "And 12yr olds are no longer having sex and doing drugs, Father has them playing Captain the SUN!"
The AP is horrified. So are 2 or 3 parishoners.

Bob said...

If I was not clear on my above comment, the AP has come out strongly against anyone getting any real religion which conflicts with their political views.

Generally their stories are outright hatchet jobs on any Christians attempting to follow orthodox teachings, and if not a hatchet job, they damn with faint praise.

I am not bothering to read the article, as generally they would rather quote anonymous sources while ignoring people willing to be quoted. They signed on as pro-Francis quite early as politically someone far more on their wavelength, and have been unstintingly critical and minimizing of any other view.

The quoted story is really nothing but another vehicle for the AP to spill lots if ink on their own views and it masquerade as news, particularly when Winfield writes.

Terry Mattingly, true religious beat journalist, has written extensively of their shoddy and biased coverage, Winfield often clear boobyprize winner.