Monday, May 27, 2024


Pope Francis of “Who am I to judge” fame, will now be remembered as walking that back and boy did His Holiness do it!

I suspect Pope Francis is receiving a lot of blow-back from his perceived LGBTQ+++ friendliness and enablement. 

But I think the fiasco of a LGBTQ+++blasphemous, sacrilegious and really unbelievable funeral at St. Patrick’s may have shown the pope what his enablement of this ideology is doing in dioceses in the world and how the LGBTQ+++political lobby is so powerful in the Church led like people like Fr. James Martin that Jesuitical priest that Pope Francis has also enabled. Who knows and Who am I to judge?

You better believe that what I report next is a game-changer and the wrath of the LGBTQ++ community will be loud and bitter. It will be interesting how the pope and the Vatican walk this back. I suspect they will ignore it, but indeed it is a game changer! 

This was reported by Rorate Caeli just now and I thought it was a joke, but you can read it HERE.

Then I went to see if it was reported anywhere else, and sure enough, the Jesuitical America Magazine has a full article HERE (They offer free readings but then a paywall). 

America reports that “Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica and Dagospia report that Francis, whose native language is Spanish, not Italian, and who often uses colloquial language in conversation, surprised bishops by using the Italian word “frociaggine,” which is a derogatory term for “queerness” in Italian. It is not clear if he was aware of the word’s offensive nature. The main Italian dailies quoted him as saying that “there is too much frociaggine in seminaries.” 

Rorate Caeile translates the Italian into proper English Slang, which is what caused me to doubt the veracity of their reporting, which it turns out, to be true. We do know that this “street” Pope likes to use colorful language at times that would make old ladies blush:

“Pope Uses the “F word”: Tells Italian Bishops Not to Admit Gay Seminarians, because “there’s already too much faggotry” in the Church”

And another news outlet reports this:

39 minutes ago — Pope Used Gay Slur In Meeting With Italian Bishops: Media ... Pope Francis used an offensive gay slang word during a meeting with Italian bishops, ...


Bob said...

No suprise to me, as he has used such terms before, but fewer witnesses.

He certainly has known who had gay skeletons in closets, and brought them in close, but whether for only power over them, or due to affinity, likely will never come out (sorry for all the puns).

If the latter, would not be the first time someone of inclination was publically quite the opposite.

But, given his power wielding style of unpredictability, am thinking more and more he has brought so many dirty folk into his inner circle purely to surround himself with weakness to hold power over them through fear of exposure, while protecting them as long as possible...

Which hasn't played out all that well as prominent news stories covering their decreptitudes have still (sorry) come out.

Seems he is busy trying to CURRENTLY disassociate himself from them, but given his unpredictable nature, he could still do ANYthing, even to detriment of own cause, and it wouldn't be the first time.

Bob said...

Well known is the fact he uses gutter language frequently, so....

But, it might be he is just angry at his closest sychophants making him look bad, and this episode a warning to those who remain. Who knows, with this crazy cat.

For sure, it illustrates why he was a very poor choice for pope, as well as illustrating what he is really like, and a real embarrassment to the office and Catholics worldwide.

I eagerly await our resident spin doctors to do damage comtrol....same as the article blurb saying they wonder if he truly understood what he was saying, when he grew up speaking what two languages?

Bob said...

Sorry for not putting all this in a tidy post or two, but in regards to this being a game changer, orthodox Catholics already know folks' anger will change Francis and what he is about not one iota. Nor will upsetting the active pervert community. And too many active gays in the priesthood is not exactly news. Him saying the priesthood needed more active gays WOULD have been news.

He is playing his own game, frequently contradicts himself, frequently slams allies, just not near as much as enemies, and again, he could turn again on a dime on this issue, and if him also slipping mentally, just triple those odds.

His spin doctors must now be champing at the bit to get him to state in an interview that his Italian is poor (no kidding!) by way of excuse, but Lord Francis mostly tunes them out, as well.

Seamus Malone said...

The revulsion allegedly expressed by this pope reflects a healthy, albeit uncharitable, reaction that most normal males feel when confronted with sexual perversion.

However, there is no way to prove that this was actually said. If it was, one might suspect it was the medications removing certain inhibitions of language. One must also remember that, like his model of leadership, Juan Peron, this pope has a strong record of "playing both ends against the middle" and pivoting from one extreme to another to keep the faithful off balance.

Finally, if this IS what the pope actually said, it begs the question as to why he has appointed so many bishops, cardinals and dicastery types who fit this degenerate category. Either the quote is a lie or it is a manipulation with an intent yet to be revealed.

Nick said...

Holy, holy, holy! His faith shall never fail. What wonderful words drop from the divine oracle! Standing ovation!!!


James E Dangerfield said...

Borgoglio is trash. Remember Frances the talking mule? He’s Francis the talking pope. Impulsive, incurious, rude, common. The college of cardinals did as bad a job with this clown as Americans have done with BOTH out candidates. As clowns, one is Bozo, but the other is John Wayne Gacy. If we would just apply what we know about morality, indeed we’re instructed from the steps of our altars to our religious instruction in school: “By their fruits you shall know them.” Matthew 7:16. Tell me please: What kind of fruit is a lie? And where can you go to seek the most and the latest lies? Palm Beach. Francis and Trump are evidence that the devil is rampant. You all better pray.

TJM said...

You left out Biden, far worse than Trump: serial liar, plagiarist, fake Catholic, etc

TJM said...

Here is an article which tells how Biden exalts evil: