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 Bill Maher, a lapsed Catholic, calls out the narrow minded, misguided media and others living in the 1960’s still, and defends Harrison Butker with a sense of humor, but defend him he does. This is somewhat fair and balanced and funny. The left have become a caricature of themselves unfortunately. 

Pray for Bill Maher, deep down he is still Catholic because of Christ’s sacramental and indelible imprint on his soul, that he returns to being a sane Catholic once again. I can’t bleep or strike the more colloquial street word for the rectum’s exit, forgive me but be forewarned.

I know the proper name for the rectum’s exit because having my very first colonoscopy, I was wide awake, watching the procedure on the monitor and speaking with my gastroenterologist. I saw the problem area and asked him, is that the problem by the entrance? He said, “we prefer to call it the exit!”

Unlike Maher who did listen to what Butker said, most did not listen to what he actually said. He said some of you (women) will choose a career but others of you (and yes he knows his traditional audience) will choose to be a wife, mother and homemaker. He did not exclude other options nor did he demand that all women be homemakers. Where did the godless, anti-Catholic, anti-tradition left get the idea he blasted women working outside the home? He did call out the diabolical pro-abortion, anti-Christian, anti-religion aspects of our society that influence people more than the Gospel. I’m glad Butker takes Vatican II seriously in terms of his role in the Church as a layman and using his celebrity for good rather than evil.



On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher defended Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker and argued that many people do feel pressured that “there’s only one way to be a good person, and that’s to get an advanced degree from one of those asshole factories like Harvard.”

Maher stated, “He said, ‘Some of you’ — talking to the women, ‘Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world.’ Okay, that seems fairly modern. ‘But I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.’ I don’t see what the big crime is, I really don’t. And I think this is part of the problem people have with the left is that lots of people in this country are like this. He’s saying, some of you may go on to lead successful careers, but a lot of you are excited about this other way that people — everybody used to be, and now can’t that just be a choice too? I feel like they feel very put upon, like, there’s only one way to be a good person, and that’s to get an advanced degree from one of those asshole factories like Harvard.”


Bob said...

As I posted in the other Butker thread, a far more significant sign of support for Butker comes from other sources besides the media self-referential echo chamber....

the players, team mates and fans, as well as team owner daughter. The NFL can kneejerk disavow Butker all they want, Hollywood and news corpses can trash him, but they don't own the KC Chiefs, and the best selling item in the KCC webstore is currently the #7 Butker jersey, and team owners note things like that.

TJM said...

The bitter, geriatric "clingers" in the Vatican ignore this. No mercy, no accompaniment:

William said...

Bill Maher is vomit inducing. Try that on for "one true opinion."

Bob said...

Nor will there be anyone booing Butker when he takes the field, as this entire hooplah a media generated thing utterly divorced from the real world and what real people think and care about....

even after this artificial storm passes, generated only by left-wing (blank)-strirrers, the only effect come football season might be a rousing cheer from fans, when Butker takes the field, as fans remember what the media tried to do to one of their champion team members.

Bob said...

Not that fans won't turn on a dime and howl for his firing if he misses kicks and games are lost....this is, after all, football...

But as for him championing old school values, fans are either for him in the main, or indifferent, as most believe in free speech, even if left-wing and its media has gone from supporting anyone saying anything to only allowing their views to be spoken or be destroyed.

I don't like Maher or his views, but he is at least a dying breed of old liberal who believes in free speech. I'll give him that, at least.

Again, I am no fan of jocks in general, and had my own time in youth being picked on by them, but I fought back, sometimes losing and sometimes winning, and them leaving me alone...
While also knowing some good jocks, and not hating them all due to NOT fighting back, and Butker strikes me as one of the good guys.

Mark Thomas said...

Bill Maher stated:

"I find it very ironic that he’s saying, you know what, in my world, we like the women to stay at home and just have babies, and the college kids and the young people find this absolutely abhorrent, but they’re demonstrating for Hamas."

That is an excellent point.


Mark Thomas

Bob said...

I happen to think Maher is making a tremendously wrong assertion as for how women feel about careers vs homemaking, as the days of one person able to support a family, buy a house and a car or two, pay for education, health care, etc etc went away in my lifetime for the majority of Americans.

Most women are seeking careers primarily in order not to starve and for security even if a they met a man able to support them, as with easy divorce today, there is no security... and were there other possibilities, such as being supported by a loving husband who would not dump them on the street penniless at a whim, many would go for that....same as many men would would go for such a deal from a supportive wife, so long as other interests/persuits also available and affordable outside the home for either sex.

But, again, such is flatly impossible for most, with two wage earners required today to be able to get what one wage earner formerly could do, and the two struggling even for that and often unable to do even that.

I watched my own mother go through this, a bright young nursing student getting married, and then forced to work full time due to a non-supportive husband, shop the kids out to cheapest child care she could find, and my sister and I seeing parents only a few hours per day, if even that.

Mark Thomas said...

I believe that one encounters a mixed bag, if you will, in regard to Harrison Butker.

Certain folks have portrayed him as a monster. Certain folks have portrayed him as a stellar spokesman for (traditional) Catholicism.

I applaud Mister Butker's promotion of life. I applaud his willingness to proclaim that Jesus Christ is his Savior, as well as friend. I am thankful that Mister Butker has proclaimed that the Catholic Church is the True Church. I have every reason to believe that Mister Butker is a fine family man.

There are additional positives that I attach to Mister Butker.

Mister Butker, in addition to the above, has embraced certain TLM-related talking points that have marred the TLM Movement. Father Kavanaugh delineated several such talking points here:

May 17, 2024 at 11:45 AM


Mister Butker has claimed that he has received from God the platform from which he (Mr. Butker) has proclaimed said talking points. Has God provided the platforms employed by Catholics who have rejected Mr. Butker's talking points in question?

During a 2022 A.D. interview, Mister Butker had made it clear that he is attached to, in his words, "traditional Sacraments." Mister Butker insisted that there are "traditional Sacraments" as compared, in his words, to "Novus Ordo Sacraments" that he described as "new."

Mister Butker has embraced certain views that exist within the TLM circles.

Fortunately, as far as I know, he has not embraced such TLM Movement extremist views as our Vatican II Era Popes are modernists...Vatican II is replete with errors...the Council, as well as Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI, are Jewish/Masonic conspiracies designed to destroy the Church.

God has blessed Mister Butker with many holy attributes. But Mister Butker is aboard the TLM Movement train. His rail car is a bit wobbly. But thanks be to God, I do not believe that his rail car has derailed.

As far as I am aware, Mister Butker has not embraced full-blown TLM Movement insanity. That is, he has not rejected Papal authority, the Council, as well as Mass/liturgical reform.

I pray that I am correct about that in regard to Mr. Butker.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

MT you continue to misdiagnose the problem of the Church today, the loss of our young people like Butker and then you decry how he and others who want the TLM Mass are the problem. The problem is cardinals and bishops who are post-Catholic, some appointed by Pope Francis, who reject papal authority on infallibly defined teachings. Cardinal Hollerith is one of them and he is going against Pope Francis big time as the Pillar points out. That’s the problem not the TLM crowd.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, I appreciate your reply. Please understand that I love the TLM. I am thankful that Pope Francis, for example, has blessed and supported the FSSP. I have been blessed by our diocese's FSSP parish.

I do not decry Harrison Butker's love of the TLM. I applaud Mister Butker's many holy attributes.

My concern is that Mister Butker, along with his many holy ways, has embraced certain extremist views that have marred the TLM Movement. But I do not view him as a full-blown TLM Movement extremist. I pray that I am right in that regard.

The "problem" is that more than a few folks associated with the TLM have weaponized the TLM against God and His Church...against the Council, Papal authority, as well as the Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI.

Father McDonald, beyond that, you are correct that there are additional, problems within the Church. That, unfortunately, has plagued us from the dawn of the Church to date.

I recognize that via my countless sins, I have long been part of the "problem" within the Church.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

No need to be concerned about Butker and 99.9% of young TLMers, be concerned about Bishops and Cardinals like Hollerich who despise papal infallibility in both the extraordinary and ordinary Magisterium of the Church.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..,"The problem is cardinals and bishops who are post-Catholic, some appointed by Pope Francis, who reject papal authority on infallibly defined teachings. Cardinal Hollerith is one of them and he is going against Pope Francis big time as the Pillar points out."

Pope Benedict XVI offered us the perfect solution in regard to the above:

We need to grant unto Pope Francis our "unconditional reverence and obedience."


Father McDonald, you had concluded your above comment with: "That’s the problem not the TLM crowd."

Among the TLM crowd are folks who have weaponized the TLM against God and His Church. Said folks have done so via their misrepresentation of the TLM.

Said folks have claimed that attachment to the TLM has compelled and justified their war against the Council, Papal authority, as well as the Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI.

The existence of said folks is an unfortunate reality.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald I am concerned that there are folks outside the TLM Movement who "despise papal infallibility in both the extraordinary and ordinary Magisterium of the Church."

I am concerned also that Harrison Butker, as well as additional "young TLMers," have embraced certain detrimental views that are found within the TLM Movement.

May "Bishops and Cardinals like Hollerich" set a good example for us by following in Pope Benedict XVI's footsteps as he (Pope Benedict XVI) demonstrated "unconditional reverence and obedience" to Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Bob said...

Mark, you say all the ills are simply caused by lack of absolute fidelity and subserviaece to any pope of any time, no matter what he says, and no matter if that pope not in continuity with prior popes, and no matter if he directly contradicts prior popes and even scripture, and proves there is no real truth to follow, but only whatever any given pope happens to say. That union with the pope is the measure of salvation.

While you ignore scripture warnings of false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing, false shepherds who flee in the face of wolves, and scriptural prophecy of the great defection reaching the very top of the Church.

So, everyone who follows that false teacher will have nothing to worry about, all will be A-OK, so long as everyone just turns off their brains and mindlessly follows no matter what teachings come from high atop the thing? Our motto is, "In Pope We Trust"?

Bob said...

As for Mark "only looking for friendly debate", the story was Butker, and predictably, Mark has gone off on his evil TLM crowd spiel where every "friendly debate" always turns to the attack on Francis enemies cleverly hiding behind a TLM facade... damns Butker with faint praise for maybe not being as bad as most TLM attendees, and even manages to faintly praise a local FSSP parish, which parish is likely representive of most of the small number of TLM parishes scattered throughout the United States.

Meanwhile, there is me, and the millions like me with no rabid preference for Mass style, finding either DONE WELL are quite good for their purpose, but TLM Masses generally done well with minimal side show, while majority of modern masses the exact opposite and pathetic people hugging people fests....

And we can see Francis is doing his level best to contradict everything we were taught about the Church, contradict prior popes even as they were dying, merciless to opponents, provides no clear unambiguous teaching about ANYthing, attacks contemplative religious orders which are the beating heart of the Church, attacks anyone he even suspects of opposition (kinda like Mark), and we see a pope who, if not the Anti-Pope, surely is not failing in that vocation for lack of trying, and we loath him, praying daily that God reward him as he so richly deserves.

And we are no members of some dark TLM plot, most of us do not attend a TLM, and maybe most could not even tell you the nearest TLM.

So much for your conspiracy, need to stop thinking everybody a member of the handful of websites you stridently proclaim as enemies of Francis/the Church/same thing in your mind, when we loath them about as much as we loath rabid Francis both are INSANE.

Bob said...

I am not going to pretend those of us average Catholics without rabid feelings as to any mass, so long as it is done well, and who loath Francis and his iron fist confusion are a majority....we probably represent 30-40% of all US Catholics, and a decent majority of regular mass-goers....

But, when between 1/3rd and 2/3rds of US Catholics think he is a rotten pope, no matter how you parse those thirds, that is between 23 million and 46 million out of 70 million who think he is the greatest thing since moldy bread, and unworthy of the office.

And it shows anything but a pope attempting to bring unity to the Church, and when that many people feel we have a really bad pope, Okay, Houston...we've had a problem here, and getting behind that pope is NOT the solution, no matter pie in sky harp choirs from Francis fan-atics.