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Abuse in the Church by those in authority, any kind of abuse, occurs when truth is replaced by ideology and perverted desires. Not only can people be abused but even Catholic teaching is abused by the abuser. When people are convinced by a Church leader that doing something immoral isn’t wrong, that is abuse.

We need prophets to stand up and call it out. And two African prelates continue to do so, one who is Pope Francis’ closest advisors.

Press the title for the full story:

Top African cardinal says Fiducia Supplicans ‘has been buried’ on the continent

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, the president of the African bishops’ conference and an advisor to Pope Francis, endorsed Cardinal Robert Sarah’s recent strong critique of Fiducia Supplicans and homosexual ‘blessings.’


monkmcg said...

When the Episcopal Church USA began its break up, many "traditionalists" in the sect aligned themselves with African Anglican Bishops/dioceses. The future of the Roman Catholic Church is not in Europe or North America. We have experienced our first Pope from South America and it has been a disaster. Perhaps we need an African Pope? Or clergy who are willing to follow the perennial teaching of the Church rather than the Lavender Mafia.

Bob said...

Nice to see that somewhere in the world there are still Catholic bishops actually doing their jobs in protecting their flocks from the hedonism of the modern times.

Ours are still all about the PR of showing "unity" and not making waves lest the "schism" word be employed, where being in union with heresy far more important than being in schism with heresy. Easy to see how Arianism came to dominate for a spell.

I feel for all the foreign born priests coming here to witness the truth and help us in our own priestly shortage, and then being muzzled by bishops and other priests who try to make clone milquetoasts of them. MUST CONFORM

Bob said...

This is the same as it took a Spaniard to publically call out Biden for crossing himself at an abortion rally. Our bishops are too concerned with appearances.

But, to be fair, in the Biden video, he made the sign of the cross just as the woman cheerleader was ranting about DeSantis and the 15 week limit, and Biden crossing himself made zero sense in relation to the words, just zero, him probably thinking himself at Mass, and showing how he is now operating only on habits/speeches/stories ingrained when he still had a mind, but today is largely flying on autopilot, and often womdering why dad is late picking him up for the game.

Our bishops likely picked up on that, but they should be speaking out against elder abuse by the political machine and even Biden's wife. Apparently no debasement too great in order to hold onto power.

Mark Thomas said...

I am unaware that Fiducia Supplicans has been "corrected."

Anyway, one bishop after another worldwide has implemented Fiducia Supplicans.

In regard to the notion that the document has been "buried" throughout Africa: The LifeSiteNews article noted:

"However, some division has emerged, with bishops in the north of Africa declaring shortly after Ambongo’s January 11 letter that they remained open to such “blessings” being offered in their regions.

"The statement came from local bishops’ conference president Cardinal Cristóbal López Romero..."

The LifeSiteNews article reiterated that via the following link:


RABAT, Morocco (LifeSiteNews) — A split has emerged in Africa as bishops’ conferences in the north of the continent announced they will offer blessings for same-sex couples, ignoring an earlier statement from the head of all the bishops’ conferences of Africa and Madagascar ruling out such blessings.


There are many wonderful aspects to the story at hand. Example:

Cardinal Ambongo has delineated the uplifting manner in which he, Pope Francis, as well Cardinal Fernández, worked in peaceful, brotherly fashion to determine as to how the Church could best apply Fiducia Supplicans to the situation in Africa.

His Holiness has shattered the false image that he is a heavy-handed, dictatorial Pope. Cardinal Ambongo, in turn, has praised the wonderful pastoral concern that he (Pope Francis) has exhibited toward the Holy People of God throughout Africa.

Pope Francis, as well as Cardinal Ambongo, are brothers in Jesus Christ who work in peace with each other.

Deo gratias!


Mark Thomas

Bob said...

"His Holiness has shattered the false image that he is a heavy handed, dictatorial pope."

Please list these prelates enthusiastically applying FS make it sound like a tidal wave when it only a ripple, and an outright lie as much as the above quote...heck, even folk firmly in his camp are admitting he is dangerous and unpredictable...and that is in print, rather than your blatant fantasies masquerading as fact.

Mark Thomas said...

The following false narrative had emerged upon Pope Francis' promulgation of Fiducia Supplicans:

Cardinal Ambongo had read the riot act supposedly to Pope Francis. Cardinal Ambongo, with Africa's bishops, had threatened supposedly Pope Francis with schism. Cardinal Ambongo had forced Pope Francis to back down supposedly in regard to any attempt to apply Fiducia Supplicans to the Church in Africa.

However, Cardinal Ambongo rejected months ago the above nonsense.

Cardinal Ambongo reiterated recently (March 21, 2024 A.D.) the following in regard to his interactions with Pope Francis as related to the issue of how best to apply Fiducia Supplicans to the Church's situation in Africa:

"Pope Francis found a solution. And I am very grateful to the Pope who showed great openness, pastoral sense and listened to the voice of the Church in Africa."

Cardinal Ambongo has testified that Pope Francis is a kind, caring pastor.

Via folks who have known and worked with him closely, such as Cardinal Ambongo, we have long known that Pope Francis is a holy, kind, caring pastor/man open to peaceful, constructive dialogue.

Our majestic God has raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve as His Pope. God has blessed us with Pope Francis. God has also blessed us with Cardinal Ambongo.

Unlike the false narrative in question that had been promoted originally, nobody involved (Pope Francis, Cardinal Ambongo, as well as Cardinal Fernández) had read the so-called "riot act," threatened, or "backed down" one or the other.

Rather, brothers in Jesus Christ demonstrated the wonderful, uplifting result that flows from holy, peaceful, constructive dialogue.

The above is an important takeaway in regard to the Pope Francis/Cardinal Ambongo/Cardinal Fernández story related to Fiducia Supplicans.

All glory for that goes to God.


Mark Thomas

Bob said...

Ambongo also much says quite the opposite of you, Mark, as for worldwide support...said the Cardinal, "The Church in Africa is united in communion, there is no division; I think that all over the world, people agree and in one accord with the Church in Africa."

I do not mind debate, but you, Mark, only are good for spouting baseless propaganda fantasy, as if a lie repeated often enough it becomes the truth, and frankly you remind me more and more of infamous propaganda ministers in history.

The fact is, just about everyone on any side of any issue are hoping this papacy ends, and soon. Francis has been a disaster for EVERYbody, and he has set back the cause of even those who helped put him there.

Your glowing praise is false in everyone's ears, past MAYBE your own.

TJM said...

Here is even a more accurate statement about PF from the late, great Father Hunicke:

Liturgical Scholar: Francis’ Heart Is Radically Corrupted
Father John Hunwicke, a liturgist and convert from Anglicanism, traces the liturgical rites of Rome, Antioch, and Alexandria back to the Apostles. He refers to St Irenaeus of Lyon (+202), one of the earliest Church Fathers. These rites were “committed to the Apostles and handed down within the churches they founded” according to Hunwicke talking to (video below) at the Roman Forum, a Catholic gathering in Gardone, Italy. Cardinal Ratzinger was very insistent about the early rites apostolic authenticity. Hunwicke notices that the Canon of Mass is “more ancient than many people assume.” Liturgical studies show that early Christian worship was not a table fellowship but possessed „ritual complexity.“ He refers to Ratzinger and the Catechism who both say „rather brutally and frankly“ that “the pope cannot change the liturgy“ in accordance with his private preferences. The fact that Francis put Traditionis custodes into effect the next morning after its publication is for Hunwicke "a remarkable indication of the complete lack of confidence he has in his brother bishops“ and a „sign of a radical corruption in his heart that he can’t trust his fellow bishops.“ Therefore Francis is forced to say, “All this little, pettifogging, anti-traditional instructions of mine come into effect 4.30AM the next day when L'Osservatore Romano is on the bookstalls.“ Hunwicke calls Francis’ action „thoroughly disgraceful.“ He stresses that the English version of TC demands that bishops „shall consult“ with the Holy See about newly ordained priests who want to celebrating the Roman Mass. But six months later, Neo-Cardinal Arthur Roche, head of the Liturgy Congregation, came up with a Latin version that orders bishops to have the agreement of the Holy See. This shows for Hunwicke that Roche is playing games because he "and his playmates” used the Latin version of TC to make things even more rigid.

Bob said...

For the record, I too mourn our loss of Father Hunwicke who never said anything without dead certain proof. A staunch defender of the Faith, both Catholic and Church of England, and same as Benedict, I had hoped he'd live to see a better Pope while in this world. One of the world's most educated men, unlikely to be equalled by any later generation in his competence in classic languages.