Monday, July 30, 2018


Pope Francis has utterly failed to tackle the church’s abuse scandal

Finally the mainstream press, even in England, is admitting the truth:

Many critics also claim that celibacy is the cause of abuse in the Catholic church. But other institutions from the Church of England to the BBC and the Football Association have reeled from abuse scandals and have no such requirement. What the scandal does definitively show is that many who have advocated chasteness have shown contempt for it themselves.

The commentary also says this:

There is a recent photo of Pope Francis doing the rounds on social media that shows him walking alone, without security people or a private secretary, across a Vatican courtyard. In the early days of his pontificate, it would have been seen as Francis breaking through the stuffy conventions of the Vatican: being his own man. Five years on, it is instead viewed as symbolic of Francis’s loneliness. Here is a man struggling to find allies or support from the Catholic faithful in his stalled efforts to reform the church and failing attempts to tackle the abuse crisis.

That crisis now threatens to engulf his papacy and do lasting damage to Francis’s own reputation.

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Anonymous said...

How much evidence is required that the silly and dangerous late 1960s and 1970s "up to date" Catholic theology and thinking had truly terrible consequences ?