There is no branch of the Curia that serves as the ‘fashion police,’ but maybe there should be. 

Without such inward and outward renewal there can be little hope for any widespread survival of religious living in today’s changed conditions. We take it on ourself to make but two pertinent recommendations. The first is that you take the greatest pains over the sanctifying of days of precept, devoting all your energies to the end that the celebration of the Sunday and holyday Mass with the word of God and the participation of the people will be an occasion of the most intense involvement for all. (This leads to the on-going canard about what participation is, actual or active, interior or exterior, either/and or both? But I think there is a heresy in the pope's sentiments--that somehow that without what we do, meaning the inward and outward renewal of the liturgy that there is little hope for any widespread survival of religious living..." What the???? And now in 2018 how has this worked out? In many places in Europe only 5 % of Catholics attend this renewal of the Mass and in the USA we are faring for the time being only a little bit better!)