Monday, July 16, 2018


My masthead has a photo from the balcony of the villa where I am at on vacation in Hilton Head Island. It is a glorious place but recently two alligators (small ones) have taken up residence in the lagoon.

I feed the turtles with a no name bag of cereal which is like Lucky Charms. I throw the cereal to the turtles and I eat the little marshmallows which I love. The turtles fight each other and the fish to get their morsels.

One of my crane friends has learned that when I throw the cereal out, he can fly down below my balcony and watch the fish come to the surface to eat the cereal. He (or she) then catches the unsuspecting fish and swallows it right in front of me. I am thoroughly impressed!

But now, when I throw out the cereal, one of the alligators swims to my balcony with the speed of light to eat the cereal. It is against the SC law to feed alligators. And who knew they like faux Lucky Charms??????

So I can't feed the turtles my faux Lucky Charms because I could be fined if the alligator comes and absconds with my turtle and fish food.

I am completely fascinated by these alligators which another tourist has named Samson and Delilah! And the turtles have no fear of them and will swim above, under, around and in front of their mouths while feeding on the cereal and the alligators don't bite the turtles. These are very young alligators which will become behemoths eventually and lose their cuteness!

By the way, that set of toes are mine! YIKES!

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I assume you have no baptisms planned below!!!!